What are the top attractions of San Juan

San Juan

What are the top attractions of San Juan

San Juan is the beautiful city where you can enjoy sand beaches, and you can find the top attractions, cultural attractions and check the vibe of the place. The luxury hotels, the resorts, the colonial architecture all are worth exploring and you should surely invest your time here. San Juan is also the cruise ship destination, and it is regarded to be one of the largest home-based cruise ports in the world.

Old San Juan

The place showcases 500 years of history, the streets of Old San Juan, the architecture, the forts and the scenes are iconic. The place is regarded to be the world heritage site and it is the second oldest city here. The place has 400 beautifully restored colonial buildings. Here you can find yourself the most dramatic future. The place is commonly known as the El Morro. You can experience the city’s charm by wandering on the streets, admiring the architecture, the meals and everything else.

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El Morro

The San Juan Bay is referred to as the El Morro. It is regarded to be a national historic site. The construction of the place took around 250 years. It is the largest Spanish fort and there are many walls that are added to the architecture. The area offers incredible views on each side of the place.

Paseo De La Princesa

There are pleasant walkaways here that will be providing you exceptional views. Here you can see sidewalks, and stroll around the streets. The place has some impressive statues and even tinkling fountains. If the heat is more than you can cool down under the trees and that will be offering you some relaxation. On one side of the street, you will be seeing the bay and on the other side the steep walls of the city.

San Juan Cemetery

This is just near El Morro. It is above the ocean and the high tombstone, the red- domed neo classical chapel will let you know a lot about the cemetery. The place is alongside the hill and here you will be able to enjoy the lovely views. The tomb’s tombstones are similar to those you see in New Orleans. The cemetery is visited by people during the day as it is not safe at night.

Cathedral San Juan

This place dates back to 1540 and is known as the cathedral of San Juan. It is one of the most religious sites that you should be visiting. The fact that you aren’t aware of the church is that it is the second oldest structure here. The church has a generous support for the parishioners and stained-glass windows are going to offer you that bright view.

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