Unique Fun Things to Do in Tampa


Unique Fun Things to Do in Tampa

Discover the Ybor City Historic District:

Start your adventure in Tampa by exploring the historic neighborhood of Ybor City. Known as the “Cigar Capital of the World,” this district is brimming with old-world charm, colorful streets, and a vibrant nightlife. Take a stroll along 7th Avenue, lined with boutique shops, restaurants, and cigar stores. Visit the Ybor City Museum State Park to learn about the area’s history and the cigar industry that shaped its culture.

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Unwind at the Tampa Riverwalk:

Stretching 2.4 miles along the scenic Hillsborough River, the Tampa Riverwalk offers a picturesque pathway for walking, jogging, and cycling. Enjoy stunning views of the downtown skyline, explore public art installations, and make a stop at the Tampa Bay History Center. Along the way, you’ll find waterfront parks, restaurants, and even a water taxi service that can take you to various points of interest.

Get Cultured at the Tampa Museum of Art:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Tampa by visiting the Tampa Museum of Art. This modern museum showcases a diverse collection of contemporary and classical art from around the world. Marvel at the ever-changing exhibitions, attend educational programs and workshops, or simply take in the beauty of the architectural design of the building itself.

Explore the Florida Aquarium:

Dive into an underwater world of marine life at the Florida Aquarium. Located in downtown Tampa, this impressive facility houses over 14,000 animals and plants, including sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles. Experience interactive exhibits, attend animal feeding sessions, and even go on a behind-the-scenes tour for an up-close encounter with the marine creatures.

Embark on a Foodie Adventure:

Tampa’s culinary scene is a melting pot of flavors and cultures, offering a diverse range of dining experiences. From Cuban sandwiches in Ybor City to fresh seafood in Channelside, explore the city’s various neighborhoods and indulge in local delicacies. Don’t miss the chance to try the iconic “Cuban sandwich” or feast on a plate of succulent stone crab claws.

Soak Up the Sun at Clearwater Beach:

Just a short drive from downtown Tampa, Clearwater Beach offers a pristine stretch of white sand, crystal-clear waters, and a lively beachfront atmosphere. Spend a day lounging on the beach, take a dip in the ocean, or rent a jet ski for some water adventures. Don’t forget to catch the breathtaking sunset over the Gulf of Mexico – a perfect ending to a day in paradise.

Witness the Majestic Wildlife at Big Cat Rescue:

For a unique and educational experience, visit Big Cat Rescue, one of the largest accredited sanctuaries for exotic cats in the world. Take a guided tour to learn about the conservation efforts and witness the majestic big cats up close. It’s a great opportunity to support animal welfare and contribute to the preservation of these magnificent creatures.

Attend a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game:

If you’re a sports enthusiast, catch an electrifying Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game at the iconic Raymond James Stadium. Join the roaring crowd, indulge in tailgating festivities, and witness the excitement of NFL action. The passionate fan base and thrilling atmosphere make it an unforgettable experience for sports fans.

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