Surprise your long distance siblings

Surprise your long distance siblings

Siblings are your life. They might have been your best friend and our enemy also would have seen times when you might have fought over something and broken your friendship. And ever since many years you might have been on a long distance relationship where you hardly get to see each other except then on certain occasions. The only way to be in tough is to keep talking and celebrating your life through several exchanges of gifts. And that is the best way to maintain a harmonious relationship, in this hustle bustle of life. 

Fancy carpet 

So if your sibling has already had a house of their own then for them the best gift will be to give them something to improve their home décor. You can choose from a variety of range like coffee- table, coffee rack, carpet, crockery, porcelain figurines, and your siblings’ family figurines, and of course if you’ve missed rakhi then a large box of international and sweet old chocolates from your childhood, send gifts online and  make sure to give them your blessings and something to keep them going forward. 

Latest books 

If your sibling is still in the college then the best gift to give them is by sending copies of latest books. They can be about anything or maybe a new genre your sibling can explore. Diaspora novels are quite popular and of course you can give them book reader tablets, quite cheaper and have loads of books. 

Wooden family frame 

You might be aware that there are many artists that are creating amazing family photos on wood which are great memories not only recreating our childhood but making and exchanging more like this can be the best memory so far you can pass on to your future generations. 

Sauces and flavored oils

There would be a family without those two siblings who share the love of eating spicy food. To each other you can gift packaged sauces and flavored olive oils that can be easily made at home or ordered from a rakhi gift delivery in Mumbai after all these are the occasions through which you can show love to each other when you are far away. And in time of need the combination of sauces and flavored oils can create magic in your life. 

Self –Grooming Kits 

Whether you are a girl sibling or a boy, both of you require caring for each other and for your bodies, after all this body is a blessing and we must nurture it. So self grooming could contain fruity face cleanser, face pack, algae and wheat grass for smoothie – it cleanses your body thoroughly and allows you stay fit, exfoliate, body wraps and after shave cream and oils. 

Watch set 

You might think that the traditions to wear wrist watches have faded and that they are not a part of our life ever since smart watches came in, but actually it’s not so even today the most famous companies are making classic wrist watches that makes you look more manly and feminine and exude positive outlook in the company of your superiors. So don’t wait for the right time to send your rakhi. Send rakhi gifts in advance makes sure that your sibling will have an online delivery on time and they would be able to wear this on rakhi. 

Soft toys 

No sibling is that old; they may not enjoy a cute bunny or Mickey Mouse soft toy. So if you can think of what to give your siblings at the last minute then give an amazing and cure soft toy that they like in their childhood, if that’s not available you can also make this by hand as most of the raw materials are very easily available and can be hand stitched. 

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Matching tees 

If you feel like you’ve yet not found the gift for your sibling then you can always for a classic favorite tees option and purchase or hand make and dye your tees before giving it your sibling. Since summer is already a cotton tee would be a practical gift that can be used for long. And as many times as you’ll wear it, you’ll know this is worth your siblings love for you.