How Do I Enjoy My First Vancouver Trip


How Do I Enjoy My First Vancouver Trip

If you are visiting Vancouver, then it is important for you to make it worth it. So, go through the content below and get all the details about it.

Visit Granville Island’s sampling area on your own schedule.

It is not necessary to hire a tour guide in order to enjoy Granville Island’s diverse array of gastronomic offerings.  Explore this culinary haven, home to more than 70 restaurants, Canada’s first microbrewery, a specialty boutique sake vineyard, a summer farmers market and Granville Island Public Market, of course book Delta flights

Visit the Museum of Anthropology to explore a world of art, culture, and history.

The vast UBC Museum of Anthropology houses 530,000 ethnographic and archaeological items from all around the world, ranging from ancient cultural artefacts to modern aboriginal sculptures. Visit the Great Hall, a stunning space with floor to ceiling glass walls where you can discover the First Nations culture of British Columbia through unique events, imposing totem poles, and artwork. 

Pedal, ride a bike, or skate along the seawall in Stanley Park

It’s understandable why both tourists and residents like visiting the Stanley Park Seawall.  This 9-kilometer (5.5-mile) long, paved trail is ideal for runners, cyclists, and tourists seeking picturesque coastal vistas on a car-free route. To hire a bike or a pair of rollerblades, go to one of the several sellers in the area. 

Follow in the millions of people’s footsteps who have crossed the Capilano Suspension Bridge since it opened in 1889.

Construction on the first Capilano Suspension Bridge began in 1889. Actually, the original cables were hemp ropes. Since then, the ropes have been swapped out for cables powerful enough to support an entirely loaded 747 jet! The bridge is 230 feet (70 metres) above the Capilano River and is 450 feet (137 metres) long. 

Take the Grouse Mountain Skyride to soar above verdant forests.

Get away from it all and above it on the Skyride, an exhilarating aerial tramway that ascends Grouse Mountain’s summit over a distance of one mile (1,600 metres). This unique Vancouver attraction, which is North America’s largest aerial tramway system, offers unrivalled vistas of the area’s mountains, downtown Vancouver, and islands. You’ll travel through rich Douglas fir woods in the summer, while the winter months bring views of snow-covered mountains and woodlands. 

Enjoy a flavorful feast of Chinese dim lunch in Chinatown

In Vancouver, there is the third-largest Chinatown in North America, and there is a sizable and diverse Asian population. Dim sum is a multi-course feast of little meals, including bite-sized dumplings, steamed buns, unusual soups, and sweet sweets. It enables you to interact directly with the culture. After your dinner, take a stroll through this area of culture to help you burn off some of those calories. 
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