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Salesforce Testing Automation Tools: A Comprehensive Comparison

Businesses that use salesforce testing automation have the supreme power to execute effectively automated workflows structured mainly to save time cost-effectively, resulting in the highest business growth and advancement. 

Before discussing the Salesforce testing automation tools businesses use nowadays, let us illustrate the meaning of Salesforce test automation

Take a look:

What is Salesforce Testing Automation? 

Salesforce is the cloud-based CRM tool for businesses that use such platforms to intensify their customer interactions. Now, organizations can take the perks of Salesforce, which is trustworthy and efficient in implementation. For better effectiveness and efficiency, test automation has now developed exclusive empowering features that can validate and adjust their Salesforce setups, ramp up overall productivity, and enhance quality. 

The Salesforce testing automation uses the Salesforce testing tools to test the Salesforce quality assurance such as unit, system, production, UAT, and regression.   

What are the Salesforce Testing Automation Tools? 

The widely used Salesforce testing automation tools are: 

  • Veloxy
  • Locomotion
  • ZoomInfo
  • Qualtrics 
  • LevelEleven
  • TaskRay
  • Apptoto
  • Conga
  • LeanData
  • Zapier 

Now, let us know about the features of Salesforce automation tools in detail:

1. Veloxy

It has various features that aid in automating Salesforce even when you have been using the Salesforce CRM for a long time. 

Key Features:

  • The leads and contacts can be automatically analyzed.
  • It can optimize the field sales routes for more stop-ins and meetings.
  • Capturing, creating, updating, and tracking the records can be automatically done from the inbox. 
  • It prioritizes the buyer’s intent. 

2. Locomotion

It is the document through which businesses can generate an app for Salesforce that can aid in creating thousands of documents in a jiffy.

Key Features:

  • Grab email signatures and automatically update the contact records 
  • Cross-selling and upselling processes can be automated.
  • Make personalized documents without a manual data entry system.  

3. ZoomInfo

It is an essential tool for Salesforce to get accurate contact and account intelligence. It can automatically maintain the records accurately and up-to-date, even if the operator is not involved. 

Key features:

  • It can create newfound phone numbers, social profiles, and email addresses. 
  • Periodization of data enrichment can be possible. 
  • The integration of data with pre-existing leads can be done via ZoomInfo. 

4. Qualtrics 

It has a customer listening engine that can connect to Salesforce and automatically gets feedback from social media, smartphones, and emails.  

Key features:

  • Businesses can get automated feedback requests depending upon the custom milestones set by them.
  • Channelize the personalized outreach to customers that demonstrate the commitment. 
  • Spread previous customer experience dashboard via C-suite. 

5. LevelEleven

It has incredible contest and identification automation power, via which the sales manager can concentrate on the team’s morale, which should be super high while working through this tool. It is also very fast in working and can replace micro-management tools. 

Key Features: 

  • Capacity to ramp up the morale of the leader boards.
  • Identify the metrics that create the original outcomes. 
  • Managers can get the dashboard to rep meetings.   

6. TaskRay

It can empower users of sales to template the customer onboarding procedures. The businesses have felt peace of mind as this automated tool can monitor the meetings and take follow-ups per the plan. 

Key Features:

  • It has the native Salesforce interface. 
  • It can onboard the speed and intensify the efficiency metrics for better enhancement. 
  • Predict the resource allocation before the onboarding system. 

7. Apptoto

It is an automated reminder and online scheduling tool that enhances the Salesforce calendar by sending text, voice recordings, and emails for gentle reminders.  

Key Features:

  • Integration with address book and calendar so manual work can be mitigated. 
  • Capability for rescheduling the meetings. 
  • Make template campaigns to increase client engagement. 

8. Conga

It is the most powerful tool to align the documents to generate them and contract management. These documents are generally quotes, proposals, contracts, and data from Salesforce.

Key Features: 

  • Generate dynamic templates for personalized documents. 
  • Generate automated docs and deliver via workflow rules
  • Integration with electronic signature solutions for effective and fast contract management. 
  • Make docs in various formats: word, PDF, excel, etc. 

9. LeanData

It is the automated tool used for lead and account routing. It aids the sales team in making sure that the right lead is assigned at the right time. 

Key Features: 

  • Automated lead routing without any manual efforts. 
  • Account-based routing to align sales efforts. 
  • Automation to abolish the duplicates to improve data accuracy. 
  • Robust reporting and analytics to enhance the account performance. 

10. Zapier 

It is the quintessential automated tool for connecting several other apps, such as Salesforce. With such integration, these tools can create automated workflows.

Key Features:

  • Make a custom workflow and automate the tasks. 
  • Smoothly connect Salesforce with many apps, such as Trello, Slack, and Gmail. 
  • Channelize the actions in Salesforce. 
  • Automate repetitive tasks such as data entry and follow-ups. 


Overall, the motive of this Salesforce testing automation is to mitigate manual workflows and make the system more effective and efficient. It has the right Salesforce automation tools, which can ramp up the

sales and the sales team’s productivity, resulting in high revenue. 
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