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Hollywood News Live: Zendaya’s Transformation Video Is Blowing the Internet

A throwback video of Zendaya’s stunning transformation from her day-to-day walk to her red carpet strut is trending on the Internet. The video, which is from five years ago, shows a younger Zendaya discussing the difference between her everyday walk and her red carpet strut. She reveals that she has a different persona that comes on when she’s on stage, and it’s apparent in her confident, purposeful steps on the runway. 

Since then, Zendaya has become a red-carpet sensation, with fans and critics eagerly awaiting her appearances to see what stunning look she’ll debut next. Her fearless fashion choices and effortless elegance have made her a role model for many young girls, and she remains humble and grateful for her journey. 

Fans have taken to social media to praise the actress for her genuine personality and grounded nature, calling her the “best gal ever.” As she continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her talent, beauty, and charm, we can’t wait to see what this superstar does next. 

Hollywood Movies Latest News: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Vfx Supervisor Wraps up Emotional Final Day of 3,066 Vfx Shots

Hey, movie buffs! Do you remember the epic space adventure of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series? If you’re a fan, you’ll be thrilled to know that the highly anticipated third installment, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” is one step closer to hitting the big screen.

The VFX supervisor, Christopher Townsend, has wrapped up the final day of work on the film’s 3,066 VFX shots. It was an emotional day for Townsend, who shared his heartfelt gratitude for the entire VFX team and their hard work on the project.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise has been a fan favorite since the first movie hit theaters in 2014, and with each subsequent installment, the space adventure has only gotten bigger and better. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” is expected to feature the return of fan-favorite characters like Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot. Well, we can’t wait to see what kind of intergalactic adventure the Guardians will embark on this time around!

Hollywood Latest: What Jlo Has To Say on “Cheating”

During a recent appearance on The View, the singer, and actress revealed that she would “walk out” on Ben Affleck if he ever cheated on her with a friend like Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval allegedly did. When asked if she would react violently or rationally to such a situation, Lopez replied that she would choose to leave the relationship. The start further made it clear that she values loyalty and faithfulness in a relationship. 

Lopez and Affleck have been in the news a lot recently due to their rekindled romance. The two first met back in 2002, but eventually split in 2004. They recently got engaged in 2022, after Affleck’s divorce from Jennifer Garner. Garner and Affleck share three children together – daughters Violet Anne and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, and son Samuel Garner. Meanwhile, Lopez has twins Emme and Max with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

While Lopez may be focused on her relationship, she’s also been busy with her career. She recently attended the Met Gala without Affleck, stunning in a custom silk velvet halter-neck gown by Ralph Lauren with a draped, handmade silk satin skirt, and a sculptural tulle. 

Despite the attention that Lopez and Affleck’s relationship has been getting, it seems that they’re both taking things one day at a time. Affleck recently opened up about his feelings for Lopez at the second screening of his film Air, thanking her for her support and love. It remains to be seen what the future holds for this high-profile couple, but for now, Lopez seems content to focus on what’s important to her – loyalty, love, and family.

Hollywood News Live: Amber Heard Moves to Spain With Daughter Oonagh.

The Aquaman Actress Amber Heard has reportedly moved away from Hollywood and relocated to Madrid, Spain, with her young daughter Oonagh Paige. Heard, who is bilingual in Spanish, is said to be enjoying raising her daughter away from the noise and media attention of Hollywood, where she had lived and worked for many years.

The actress has been spending time in Spain since selling her California home in July 2022 for $1.1 million. Last October, she was spotted enjoying the beaches of Palma de Mallorca and playing with her daughter at a kids’ park during a Spanish getaway.

The move comes almost a year after her highly publicized defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp, which resulted in Heard being ordered to pay Depp $10 million in compensatory damages plus $350,000 in punitive damages for defaming him in a 2018 op-ed piece she wrote for The Washington Post. Heard has since requested a retrial and asked the judge to overturn the verdict.

Although it may come as a surprise to her fans, Heard seems to be content with living a quieter life away from the public eye. Whether she will return to Hollywood or not remains to be seen, but for now, Heard is happy to call Spain her home.

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