This crunchy, firm, and crisp treat with a delicious combination of salt and black pepper is so addicting, you just can’t lay your hands off these flavourful cashews. They are such a versatile snack that you can have them any time of the day. Cashews are loaded with vitamins, rich nutrients, and beneficial antioxidants. They have rich minerals like copper, manganese, and many more in abundance. Black pepper is full of rich dietary fibre and has vitamins and minerals in very good quantities. The combination which is loaded with goodness for health and has a mouth-watering taste is called black pepper cashews. 

These little powerhouses have the following benefits:

  • Good for the health of your heart: a lot of studies have proved that eating cashews is good for health. They are full of vitamins, minerals, good fatty acids, a good amount of fibre, have lots of anti-oxidants. All of these protect your heart as they lower the cholesterol and improves the capacity to carry HDL to the Liver. The key is to take them in moderation. Cashews have properties that help fight inflammation in the body.
  • Avoids diseases of blood: the intake of cashews if done in a limited manner regularly helps in preventing a lot of blood diseases. Cashews contain copper. It is vital for eliminating the body of damage-causing free radicals. If our body lacks copper, it leads to further deficiencies like iron. Black pepper cashews can fulfil our daily need for copper.
  • Helps Eye health: Zea Xanthin is a very powerful pigment full of antioxidants found in cashews. Your retina can directly absorb it making a layer that protects your eyes from harmful and harsh sun rays. It also helps with muscular degeneration caused because of age. So, including cashews in your everyday diet is very important for the health of your eyes.
  • Great for skin: these are loaded with antioxidants, proteins, and phytochemicals. Selenium is present in good quantities, has iron, phosphorus all of which are a boon for healthy and beautiful skin. Nutritionists advise daily intake of cashews for problem-free skin.
  • Helps in reducing weight: compared to the ones who remove cashews from their diet for weight loss, the people who eat cashews in a limited quantity regularly, lose weight faster. Cashews have omega 3 in them which are the fatty acids that burn excess fat by helping to boost the metabolism.
  • A storehouse of Dietary Fibers: oleic and palmitic acid are vital fibers required by the body. They have to be included in the diet externally as the body cannot produce them. they help in digesting the food faster. Cashews have these acids in good quantities too.

The black pepper cashew nuts are full of taste and the above-mentioned benefits. These tiny nuts have almost everything that you require for good health, mind, and body. A small and regular intake of these nuts can give you a long and healthy life. It is better to fill your body with healthy food and live a good life than avoiding these superfoods and taking medicines in your old age.