Yes, it is right that getting a wedding green card is very difficult but only for those who don’t know the process. If you are starting first then you are halfway there to get a wedding green card. You must need to take a few important steps then you should not commit any mistakes in the process. Some vital steps for a wedding green card need to be taken and understand why you want to make the process easy.

There are thousands of people who apply for wedding green cards but they usually get rejected due to some minor mistakes. These mistakes are unknown to them then they may usually imply that it is the fault of the lawyer or the court but it is not like that. You need to understand all other things that may have been insufficient in your documentations or during other processes.

Let us first understand what are the ways so that a person can get a wedding green card. Generally, there are four ways to get a green card, and here are those:

  • Marriage to a permanent resident of the U.S.
  • Through a K-1 visa
  • Applying based on an existing marriage
  • Marriage to a U.S. citizen

The laws for weeding green card

You may have heard of the changing laws about the wedding green card and you are right that there are laws that are changing about wedding green cards. The major laws that are changing are about the entry of the immigration residence to the United States while the laws related to the relatives of the citizens of the United States are still the same.

The above four mentioned processes for getting a wedding green card are not sure-shot and you must not rely on them fully. There are possible reasons that these processes may fall and you may not get the wedding green card but the reasons could be enormous.

How to make the process easier to apply for a wedding green card?

There are multiple documentations and various applications in line to complete the process. You need to get ahead of them and understand every process. But how do you make it simpler? You can make it simpler by understanding the process with the help of a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles.

A good Los Angeles divorce lawyer can help you out to initiate the process well before the time. Also, you will get ahead in the line if your documentation is just right. Sometimes due to silly mistakes, the applicants are rejected well before the actual process. So here you will get a benefit.

Getting a wedding green card for a couple who is already married

There are times when couples are already married but they are moving to the US and now they need a bed in a green card. So how does that happen and what can be done about it? Getting married out of the US is maybe your option but getting a wedding green card in the US can be a difficult task and for that, you need to ensure that you have taken proper steps while getting married out of the US.

if you have taken proper documentation after getting married then there would be no problem in applying for a green card marriage application. It will be the quickest. But if you are not a citizen of the United States then the process will vary and consulting with a family law firm in Los Angeles is the best idea.


There are times with individuals that they have completed the whole wedding green card process and still they are rejected. But this doesn’t mean they know the reason why they were rejected so even if they apply the next time they won’t know it. In this situation consulting with a family law firm in Los Angeles is the most appropriate solution.

Even if your application is not rejected you seek out a good family law attorney in Los Angeles then your task will be much easier. You can get relaxed and trust the attorney to do the work for you. You must take the responsibilities wherever required as at some of the processes your presence will be required. So start early and get results. I wish you all the luck that prevails!