For parents, what does the idea of ​​preschool bring to mind? You may be concerned that your child is too young to be placed in a different environment or you may not be very sure of the teaching methods these schools practice!

The best preschool in Singapore can help your child cope with the transition easily and learn a lot in the process. 

Children gain a lot from attending preschool by learning numbers, letters and shapes and other important foundational concepts. At the same time, they develop social and emotional skills and learn how to get along with other children in an amicable environment.

The importance of attending a preschool 

According to studies, children who attend preschools enter primary schools with better pre-reading skills, enhanced vocabulary, and strong math skills than those who do not.

Here are some more reasons why Cambridge preschool education is beneficial for your child.

1 – Fostering math and literacy skills

Almost every young child is interested in pre-math skills. They are curious and want to master skills such as reading, etc.

Preschools prepare children for the academic level of kindergarten, with teachers helping children acquire early literacy and pre-math skills.

They become aware by hearing an alphabet song and knowing the relationship between the alphabet and sounds. Discussion on exciting stories encourages their listening, and comprehension skills.

Playing with alphabet letters and numbers can motivate the child to learn more.

2 –Promotes emotional and social development

According to observations, children develop interaction skills better with the help of preschool guidance. Attending preschool, they learn how to communicate better with others.

In a preschool in Singapore, your child will surely be taking advantage of this guidance by engaging with teachers and classmates. Importantly, a top school has activities conducted by experts that will help them to mature emotionally and socially.

So, a preschool will help your child build emotional skills, which will surely help them develop better life skills.

3 – Learn to be self-reliant

With the guidance of preschool education, your child will surely learn how to take care of themselves and become self-dependent. You’ll be able to see a change in the small activities they do.

These include tasks like remembering to wash their hands before and after meals, arrange their school bag, and more. 

As a parent, you will be proud to know how they are handling their small responsibilities now. In the process, your child will become much more independent in the future.

4 – Increase cognitive and language skills

Some studies have shown that when children start preschool, their vocabulary increases dramatically. They get to learn new words before they move on to primary school.

It can be a great advantage as they will have better communication skills which can benefit them in the studying years. Playing games and participating in activities will help them enhance their cognitive skills and react better to any situation.

5 – Better development of the brain

Children grasp things faster, all due to their curiosity. If we note, most brain development occurs during the first four years of life.

In these impressive years, the brain is building vital pathways to help a child develop the ability to act, respond, and learn well. Children learn fast and want to gather new information.

As everyone knows, an important function of the brain is that it absorbs information and stores it.

Your child can benefit when attending a high-quality preschool in Singapore that provides the right information to facilitate good learning skills. 

6 – Help develop motor skills in a Cambridge preschool

For success at every step of preschool, motor skills are important. If you give a three-year-old a crayon and ask them to draw a tree, the picture you probably get is uneven lines and circles.

Although a child knows what a tree, house or cat looks like, they do not have the fine motor skills needed to draw an image.

Fortunately, most preschool activities work to help your child build fine motor skills. Activities offered in preschool are designed to aid fine motor skill development.

Everything from holding a pencil to toy scissors, folding craft paper, etc., is taught in preschool.

7 – Helping to cope with the demands of kindergarten.

As a parent, you want your child to learn about the rules of a different environment. You teach them small things, but it is not possible to follow them every day.

Home settings are different from what a child would experience in kindergarten, where they are expected to raise their hand, follow instructions, ask permission, etc.

Although preschools are not as strict as kindergarten, they do introduce discipline in small measures. It will make the transition to kindergarten much easier. 


When you choose a top Cambridge preschool suitable for your child, you can feel confident that your kid is well cared for. At a leading preschool, your child will build the skills to do well in kindergarten and in the academic years ahead.