The drone world is quite new. That is why; a lot of people still do not know much about them or how they function. The most common type of drone that is seen to be used is the multi-rotor drone. This is used mostly in order to inspect and film things from the sky. There is a vital component that is present in every drone and that is called the drone controller.

Before knowing much about drone flight control software, one should know what exactly a flight controller is. It is just a circuit board which has a lot of electric chips on it. One can easily compare them to a motherboard and the processor that is present in a laptop. This flight controller is said to be the brain of the drone. It is a small box that is filled with intelligent software and electronics along with monitors which can control every action of a drone. The flight controller varies in size and in complexity.

Here are the 3 categories in which the flight controller can be classified:

Perception (sensing)

The controller is connected to a lot of sensors. This can give the flight controller some valuable information like orientation, height and speed. The common sensors mostly use internal measurement unit so that they can determine the acceleration and speed and also can sensor the distance of the detecting obstacles. They can help the controller with a lot of precise information. The advanced controllers can sense the difference more accurately.


It can control the motion of the drone. The drone can accelerate and rotate by creating some speed differences in between its 4 motors. The flight controller can use the data that is gathered by the sensors so that they can get the desired speed. The movements are calculated in filtering and fusing the sensory information and then estimate the safety during the time of flight. It makes the drone flight more stable.


Another key part of the flight controller is definitely communication.  Communication works in the entrance of the auto pilot programs and they communicate with each other in the computer system with the help of radio frequencies.

Drone software companies have come up with various kinds of flight controllers in the market. They range from basic to expensive and one can use them depending on what categories they want to use it.

  • The builder controller is easy to install and they are perfect for people who do not want to spend too much money.
  • Racing FC’s are very lightweight and responsive. They are also quite affordable.
  • For filming, another FC range is available which is more focused on creating fluent shots and accessible handling for the pilot.
  • The commercial FC’s are good for safe flying and they are mostly used to transport high value cargo.

Now, one knows what flight controllers are very much important when it comes to drone mechanism. For constant outgoing and incoming information and to keep it flying, it is absolutely necessary.