It is normal practice to visit a cosmetologist in your part of the world when you are eager to remove the wrinkles and fine lines from your face and neck. No worries! You can address the problem areas on your shoulder and abdomen as well as under your eyes and have the skin tightened adequately to ensure a smooth and blemish-free appearance. You do not have to go under the knife or consider surgery all the time. Instead, make sure to visit a top ultherapy specialist Chicago and obtain the right solution.

It is indeed interesting to note that ultherapy will be performed by skilled professionals who take every care to increase collagen production in your body. You do not have to be worried about the safety of the procedure either. The FDA had cleared it way back in 2009 and noted that it was safe for skin tightening. The professional will be able to firm the lax skin on your face, neck, shoulders, and décolletage appreciably to eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles to a great extent. The result will be pleasing with the mirror becoming your friend once again.

Plus points of ultherapy

  • Recognized skin tightening procedure with unprecedented popularity
  • FDA approved cosmetic procedure
  • A session is usually enough unless the skin is extremely lax and marked by deep wrinkles
  • FDA approves utherapy for brows, eyes, face, neck, and décolletage
  • 100% non-invasive
  • The upper layer of skin remains untouched
  • No downtime
  • Suitable for both men and women

Do not hesitate to ask the specialist about the possible side effects. You are welcome to discuss the entire procedure with the concerned expert and clear all your doubts in one go.

It is certainly not a challenge to locate an expert in ultherapy. You may inquire as cosmetic clinics and medical facilities in your vicinity to find a professional noted for being an expert of ultherapy. Do not hesitate to consult the professional and discuss the pros and cons involved. You would be well advised to undergo the procedure when one of the top specialists is willing to book your appointment.

Sure, you will come across multiple myths that abound about this process namely:

Myth 1– Ultherapy needed multiple sessions for best results.

Myth 2– The results are not long-lasting and the skin will remain taut for only 2 to 3 months

Myth 3– The procedure is extremely painful. You will be relieved to learn that there is no pain at all. You may feel slight discomfort and request the technician for a numbing agent

Myth 4– Ultherapy melts the fat. Well, this is not true as the procedure causes increased collagen production that tightens the skin. There is no sudden reduction of accumulated fat, however.

Myth 5-It can be performed by any technician who knows how to use a laser tool.

This is certainly not true as the ultherapy specialist Chicago needs to be aware of the procedure and related facts. Experience and expertise are necessary for success.

Do take them with a pinch of salt and try to obtain the facts. It is always best to make an informed decision armed with the truth.