There is a new technology booming now and then. With the advancements of technology, people tend to fall for the efficient services carted in a very seamless manner. In terms of medical and health care, why not! Not just in terms of treatments, the facilities to cater their services are also improving through the app like Practo. Eliminating the need for traditional physical infrastructures, these apps do wonders in facilitating their users with extraordinary benefits. 

Many health care institutions have also launched a similar Practo clone app to improve and vitalize their service. Let us discuss how these apps facilitate an entrepreneur in a business that contributes to gaining increased traction. 

The boom of the Telemedicine Market

With the growth of digitization, the market is propelling sustainability. Not just confined to one stream, but all including the telemedicine sectors. Listed below are a few lucrative market numbers that have breathtaking effects on society to boost your business in this niche. 

The Fortunate Business Insights reports that, 

  1. The global telemedicine market was worth $34.28 in the year 2018.
  2. Between 2018 and 2026, the market value is estimated to grow with a huge number in the CAGR, about 23.5%. Which, on average, accounts for $185.66 billion. 

We can also not deny the fact that the year 2020 was not so great for any industry. At the same time, the telemedicine apps faced good insights, and let us check on them. 

  • Merchant-based health care apps faced a great spike in online consultations. It saw a nearly 70% hike than usual. 
  • In London, AccuRx and similar apps had tremendous demand even in the virtual consultation platform. Nearly 20,000 appointments were fixed every day. 
  • In the month of march AmWell, a popular app in this sector, saw a nearly 400% hike in its user interactivity. 

The future of these online telemedicine and doctor consultation apps does have amazing opportunities to gain great revenues with user interactivity. Thereby Developing similar Practo health care apps have great options to boom in the global market. 

First-Class Features Of Telemedicine App 

Apart from the regular inputs in terms of MVP, your Healthcare app can increase its proximity with additional attributes that can be infused. These feature-filled apps can offer an unparalleled experience to their users. Listed below are a few exclusive features that can be added to your Practo clone app, creating an increased demand for your app. 

  1. As the entire system is digitalized, the users can be facilitated with digital prescriptions, and the doctors can share the medication through the app that the user can use effortlessly. They can either order the prescriptions online or get them from their regular pharma. 
  2. You can infuse built-in VR assistance to ease the navigation through the app to identify the right doctor, assistance, etc. This guides and navigates the users throughout the process, so that it establishes itself completely handy in a much significant manner. 
  3. The app can regularly update its users through regular articles, blogs, posts, etc., that feed information on health, diet, etc. Related to the sectors is one advantage that attracts users. A platform that supplies excellent healthcare service and also feeds with lucrative information. 
  4. The real-time appointment booking facility helps the user make their appointments on time. They get early notices through notifications. It’s convenient for doctors and patients not to miss their schedules and act accordingly. 
  5. The user can be given options to choose from the mode of communication. Either through video conferencing or audio based on their convenience. Exclusively in video conferencing, the user can experience high-quality video that marks the virtual meet more lively and convenient to interact. 

Apart from these add-on features, leveling up your fundamental elements contribute to the effectiveness of the app. 

  • Easy and quick onboarding process. 
  • An improved user interface to navigate through
  • In-app bot to respond to small chats and queries 
  • In-app wallet to ease transactions effectively
  • Multiple payment gateways to improve convenience 
  • Add on categories and filters to gain precise search results
  • In-app pharmacy to order and get prescriptions.
  • Reviewing and rating options.

All of these can be inbuilt with a step ahead of technology to boost the app’s efficiency. 

Benefits of Healthcare app like Practo

All the on-demand platforms have exclusive mainstream opportunities to create an impact in society. While utilizing them on the right meter, there are lucrative benefits for the entrepreneur and the entire ecosystem with their Practo clone app.

  1. Ignoring the physical barriers, the patients need not travel to hospitals or clinics every time to get their checkup, counseling, consultation, etc. With a few simple clicks, the users can make their appointments at ease through the app. And these are confirmed appointments that can be canceled only during unavoidable situations. Moreover, the user is open to contacting varied doctors in multiple streams through this platform. This contributes to the sheer convenience and accessibility of taking telemedicine apps to the limelight. 
  1. The need for paperwork is completely eliminated while running a physical hospital or a clinic; it is not and never an easy task without paperworks. Several paper proofs are required, and on the other hand, the cost of operation is hefty. From paying salary, cost of Maintenance, taxes, etc. While these platforms eliminate the needs, benefiting the entrepreneur by reducing their operating costs and infrastructure cost. 
  1. Revenue generation opportunities are high. There are numerous sources to generate revenue and increase the brand value of your business. By bridging the gap between the doctors and patients with your app, you gain increased positive feedback adding to the goodwill of your business. These completely advanced and futuristic Telemedinces apps, with increased brand status, gain an improved audience beating down the geographical boundaries, thereby streaming increased, improved, and multiple lanes to traffic revenue very keenly and smoothly. 

The Practo like app is a win-win solution for an entrepreneur willing to flourish on the universal radar. 

Develop A Practo Clone App 

People around the world very commonly use the Practo app. Its efficiency and ability gained a huge amount of popularity, encouraging different entrepreneurs to develop similar apps for their locality and pump up their business standards high. 

When deciding to develop a similar app like Practo, cloning methodology will be more convenient and easy to go. The entrepreneur choosing to develop Practo clone gains increased opportunity to customize their app according to the need conveniently. On the other hand, it can also perform the task like the existing app but with more efficiency. 

Thereby the entrepreneur can pay more attention to the quality and app structure in terms of design, additional features, UI/UX, etc. there, and you gain a chance to develop a next-level app in a jiff.

Final verdict

The health care sector is in demand all over the world. With its improvements in the technological aspect, they are attracting a great audience. And like other businesses, the Practo like app facilitating online healthcare consultation is topping the market. And this has also proven that the business here is also skyrocketing. 

By developing and launching a Practo clone app from legit sources with advanced technological inputs, you have wider spectrums to establish your business in society with amazing opportunities to scale up and gain global traffic.