NK Dairy Equipments: Since we know milk is the base of all functioning of all the ghee plants and the milk processing plants, its production in large numbers is a must.

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To make sure the high profits are being earned, it is always necessary to take the help of the machinery. Like if you are the owner of the Mawa plant, then instead of relying on the manual process to make mawa you are required to make use of the Khoya making machine

Do you want to know the right tips which can help you to produce more than 40,000 of the milk? If it somehow turns out to be possible, then what would that mean to you.

So if you are curious enough to know about such tips, then let move on with our article:

  • It is a teamwork

Since achieving a target of extraction of 40,000 pounds of milk is not an easy thing to do. And it is not something which a person can do alone. He needs a team that supports him in various activities.

We have usually seen that the managers and the employees do not talk to each other about the team approach

  • New Technologies

Implementing new strategies and technologies is the right thing to reach our goals. No doubt, some of the strategies will work while others will not, but you should not get distressed about that. You need to be happy with the fact that you have gotten something to learn.

Here also, teamwork will help you to bring fruitful results. Try to positively challenge the veterinarian and the nutritionist to make sure the new technologies are being brought to the table.

  • Next Level of Nutrition

Make sure you are not forgetting to capitalise on the nutrition plan. When we are talking about the nutrients, then we are not only talking about the number of nutrients you are getting from a thing. Here, the only thing which matters is the significance of the nutrients.

  • Technological application at ration

Dairy feed is one of the technologies that help to address the dynamics of energy. These technologies help the cows to produce more milk.

  • Try to push the ration

Do not only try to only balance the diet concerning amino acids. Make sure you are trying to reach out to the other nutritional elements as well like increase the intake of the methionine to about 65 grams.

  • Make sure the cow is comfortable

The cow can only produce the milk in good qualities if it is comfortable enough. Make sure you are taking suggestions from your team on how you can make your cows more comfortable.

  • Turn the fresh cow programmes

The fresh cows are the ones that produce the maximum milk. During the first 60 days, the fresh cows produce the milk at the peak. So, if the herd is required to hit the dart straight at the milk production goals, then fresh cow programs must be introduced.