We all do know, which foods should we eat for staying healthy, but

Do we know, which foods to eat for healthy sex?

According to the best sexologist in Punjab, “There are certain foods which we should eat for the healthy sex and there are some others which we must avoid.”

If you want to know about those foods, then stay tuned:

Foods for Intercourse

The consumption of the following kinds of foods help to boost sex as per the famous sex specialist in Ludhiana:

  • Avocados

These contain high amounts of unsaturated fats. These are particularly good for the heart since they keep the blood flowing through the arteries which leads to improved blood circulation.

  • Almonds

Almonds are responsible for boosting reproductive capabilities and are responsible for intensifying your sex drive. Almonds do contain so many important nutrients and minerals that are not only vital for good sexual health rather these are also important for reproduction.

  • Citrus Fruits

These fruits are often loaded with Vitamin C which is not only vital for the reproductive health of males but also helps them to look aesthetically pleasing.

Ayurvedic Herbs for SEX

It is suggested to include the herbs that not only boost the libido but help to escalate the sexual stamina as well:

  • Shilajit
  • Ashwagandha
  • Vita-ex Gold Plus

Foods to avoid for good sex

If you are already started experiencing problems in the performance or providing pleasure to your partner, then the following are the foods which you should immediately stop consumption:

  • Processed Foods

When these foods are processed, then these lose the most important properties which are accountable for boosting sexual life. The regular consumption of processed foods increases the chances of diabetes. Diabetes then leads to heart disease which is accountable for causing erectile dysfunction.

  • Diet Soda

Such kinds of food drinks include artificial sweeteners like aspartame. This sweetness produces a direct impact on the serotonin levels which is an essential hormone for making you feel happy and fit. Lower levels of serotonin cause the sex drive to get decreased.

  • Alcohol

We often see in the movies that alcohol is used as a stimulant for sexual capabilities. Sometimes it may get you in a mood and that happens only if you are consuming the right proportions. But if you are consuming it in excess, then there are high chances your sex life will get negatively affected.

Final Comments!

Besides dietary habits, it is the other things too that affect your sex life like the level of physical activity you do regularly, stress and the exertion of the body.

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