Finding a suitable prospect who has the need and requirements that you can fulfill and is willing to sign the deal with you is not an easy task. Most of the time, the prospects show interest in a product, service, or deal and want to be connected with the sales agents. When done so, they happen to acknowledge limitations that hinder the deal. The end result is a waste of time and resources of the sale agents with no finalized deal on board.

This scenario has prompted business organizations to invest in discovery calls. The discovery call is the initial call made to the prospects by the call agents and not sales agents, which helps them learn more about the prospects. It is an attempt to explore the needs, requirements as well as suitability of the prospects to sign the deal. Therefore, the agents have a huge responsibility of uncovering important details.

Dig deeper into this article to learn in detail which areas the call agents should consider during discovery calls.

Top 6 Aspects You Should Explore During Discovery Calls

Here are the most critical aspects that the cold call agents should explore and discuss during discovery calls.

Discovery calls act as the gatepost that makes sure no prospect reaches the sales agents until and unless it is qualified to sign the deal. The actual process of signing the deal can take more time as sales agents will need to nurture the deal, but at least they will not be worried that the prospect will quit in the mid. Therefore, the discovery calls should address critical points to check the suitability of prospects.

1. Business Goals

The first and foremost aspect that the call agents need to explore during discovery calls is the business goals. Such deals are usually made between business-to-business parties, so it is extremely important to ensure that the business goals of both parties align and the organization will be able to fulfill the requirements of the prospects. Uncovering such details is not as simple as it seems, which is the major reason many organizations hire cold calling companies and let the experts manage discovery calls.

2. Authority

The next critical but often ignored aspect that the call agents must explore during discovery calls is the authority of the prospect or the person online. If you are calling a prospect, their assistant might pick the call. On the other hand, the prospects might not be the decision-making authority, which will significantly impact the pace and quality of the deal. So, the agents need to ensure communicating with the authority to get rid of any ambiguity in the process.

3. Pain Points

Another crucial aspect that the call agents should explore during discovery calls is the pain points of the prospects. Pain points are what develop the interests of prospects in a deal and help them resolve their issues. These can include the expectations and requirements of the prospects. So, the call agents must explore what the prospects want from a deal and will the organization be able to deliver it to consider a discovery call successful.

4. Time Frame

The time frame is another critical aspect that the call agents need to explore and uncover during discovery calls. This can encompass the overall time consumed in finalizing the deal, processing the work, and completing what was promised in a deal. For example, the prospects need an order in one month. The agents need to explore if there can be an adjustment in the time frame and their organization can meet the criteria or not before getting the prospects onboard.

5.Company Size

One of the most important aspects that the call agents need to explore and uncover during discovery calls is the size of the company of the prospects. The company size matters a lot in business-to-business dealings as it highlights the requirements of the setup as well as their potential of deliverability. So, make sure to check and discuss these points before referring prospects to sales agents for lead nurturing.

6. Budget

The last and most crucial aspect that the call agents need to explore during a discovery call is the budget of the prospect. If you are signing a business deal, the budget will impact the quality of service or the scale of the deal. If the prospects do not have enough budget, it can cause loss to the organizations. If your call agents fail to explore this aspect efficiently, it is the best time to outsource your cold calling services and let the professionals tackle all the details smoothly.

Still struggling with discovery call management?

If you are relying on amateur agents, you are bound to face difficulty in discovery call handling. So, make sure to invest your resources in the right place. Contact the skilled and trained professionals to take care of your discovery calls and prospect management to ensure smooth lead qualifying.