All over the web, you can read several articles, blogs, stories, and what not have been written about Indian cuisine. It is one of those cuisines which has gained love all over the world. Well! That is pretty evident from the reason, the Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne is gaining more demand than ever. If you are trying for the first time, then make sure that you include chutney in your meal. You must be thinking, ‘What is it?’

Chutney is a sweet, tangy, and spicy item which you can have with any Indian dish you order from the Indian restaurant. Trying chutney means that you are having something which is filled with spices and you can even try out the wide range of options. Really???

Yes! There are a wide variety of options in chutney and as per your liking, you can try one. Let’s dive into the world of chutney…

Different types of Indian chutney

From classic to different, everything is possible to have in the world of chutney.

  • Mint chutney

We all know mint leaves are refreshing and even add it in lemonade for a fresh flavor. In the same way, you can try out the mint chutney which is made with a blend of mint leaves. Along with garlic, coriander leaves, and spices are added. Into the blender, all these are added and blended to get a smooth paste. One of the toothsome types of chutney that is loved by people from different countries.

  • Tamarind date chutney

Tamarind has a strong & sour flavor to it and to tame it down date is added into the same. This way other spices are added into the chutney to make it a relishing side dish along with the food or any snack of your choice. To make chutney by combining both, these are boiled and strained. A blend of different herbs & spices is added. These are blended which makes a very fine paste. Indeed it has a good taste (sweet and tart).

  • Coconut chutney

Be it coconut or coconut water, both of the things are relished in their way. Coconut chutney is served along with dosa and sambar which is a South Indian meal. It is the flavour and texture of this creamy & tasty chutney that people can’t have enough of.

  • Dry fruit chutney

Dry Fruit chutney is another great option to try out. It is the combination of different dry fruits along with spices. If you love to have dry fruits and want to have something healthy as the side-dish then you should give this option a try.

Anything and everything is tasty in Indian cuisine

Indeed! It is true when you try out Indian cuisine. Be it chutney or any sort of food item it has enough flavors and its method of cooking is exceptional to make your taste buds go crazy. If you want to give it a try then visit the best Indian restaurant near you, to have the food which is best in terms of taste, flavor, quality, and freshness.