GCR Memorial Hospital: Patients often get concerned about when they need to consult the doctor at the best IVF Centre in Punjab. No doubt. Infertility has become a common state and it is essential to take the necessary measures on time so that your chances of conception do not fall drastically. Bear in mind, whatever the state is, you need to schedule a consultation with the doctor to clear your doubts about the IVF cost, necessary tests before the cycle, and much more before the treatment.

When should you consult the doctor for infertility?

On average, women b/w the age of 22 to 29 have a 25% chance of conception naturally every month. By the time you turn 35, the pregnancy rate falls to 15%. Gradually, the chances of conception will fall because with age the egg quality decreases and a number of changes happen in the body of men & women. Here is the perfect scenario when you need to consult a fertility doctor.

  • If you are under 35: After 10 to 12 months of an unsuccessful attempt
  • If you are over 35: After 6 months of unsuccessful attempts

What happens during the fertility consultation?

  • Initial fertility consultation

During the first consultation, the doctor will ask you & your partner different questions, be it about your health, for how long you have been trying for, undergone any surgical treatment, and knowing about your family history.

It is possible that the doctor will do the pelvic examination and further different tests are done like:

  • Hormonal assessment
  • Antral follicular count
  • Hysterosalpingography
  • Spermogramme-Spermocytogramme
  • Migration Survival Test
  • Spermoculture
  • Second fertility consultation

Once the necessary tests are done, you will be asked to come again & understand the examination results. This is the time when the diagnosis is done and the necessary course of the treatment plan is prepared for you. By determining your condition, the doctor will also make you aware of your conception chances and everything is explained to you in the right manner.

  • Multidisciplinary consultation meeting

Depending on your case, the team will come together & then prepare the necessary treatment plan for you. You will be told everything in detail so that you have all the required information. In case you have any doubt, then make sure that you talk about it freely.

What are the different stages of IVF treatment?

During IVF treatment, it’s just the process of doing the treatment in the lab which happens naturally. Ideally, the IVF Treatment includes the following stages:

  • Ovarian stimulation is the first step in which the medications are given to increase the egg count in the ovaries. During the treatment, the doctor will do the ultrasound & biological monitoring to keep a check on your condition.
  • Following that 8 to 15 eggs are retrieved with the egg retrieval procedure. The procedure is less invasive and will not lead to any pain.
  • Then the egg and sperm are kept together in a controlled environment, where an embryo is formed.
  • Although, the embryo transfer is done after a few days (3 to 5 days) so that the embryo reaches the blastocysts stage.
  • Once the embryo is transferred, you need to wait for 2 weeks to check for the pregnancy test.