Mamalan London: There are no bubbles in bubble tea although the name may suggest otherwise. You can also find bubble teas with no teas in them. That doesn’t stop people from obsessing over this drink, that has delicious mixture of tea, fruit, milk or coffee along with those unique looking pearls or boba huddled together at the bottom of the cup.

Bubble Tea: Mamalan

In London you can find many shops that offer Bubble teas, the high street, town centres, the food courts in the malls, the bubble teas are everywhere. Although this was not always the case, Bubble tea was made in Taiwan and that’s where it stayed for the longest time until it gained worldwide popularity.

Now you must think why the drink is called bubble tea even though when it doesn’t necessarily have bubbles or teas. It has two more names, pearl tea and tapioca tea but the common name is bubble tea, although the bubbles in the bubble tea do not refer to the bobas. The bubble tea gets its name from the bubbles that are formed when the drink is shaken together. On the other hand, the name boba is a slang word for the tapioca pearls.

These marble sized pearls are made of tapioca starch which is extracted from cassava root. These pearls are cooked in boiling water until they are soft and then doused in syrup that make them sweet and chewy and ready to put into the bubble tea. Once the pearls are in place, the cup is filled with teas, fruits, smoothies, coffee, milk-based tea and ice to make it cold. It is then shaken to mix everything together.

The tapioca pearls do not add flavour to the bubble tea, the real flavour is in the drink itself, the pearls add texture and sweetness to the drink. You can always have other alternatives to the tapioca pearls like grass jelly or pudding. Although tapioca pearls are unique and exciting to have so you should not skip the bobas in your bubble tea.

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