Getting diagnosed with infertility might make you feel that your world has ended. The stress of what to do next, thinking why it happened, which treatment can work for you, whom should you talk to, and all sorts of other questions can come to mind. If you have made up your mind, to visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab to get your fertility treatment plan started then you should prepare yourself. When you focus on your overall well-being, this is the only way your conception chances can improve. So, instead of worrying about the Test tube baby cost, you should consider the given things for boosting your pregnancy chances.

Things to consider before you start IVF treatment

  • Keep your body weight healthy

BMI (Body Mass Index) is important to consider before you start the IVF cycle. The BMI should not be over 30 or under 19. If it is not right then your chances of conception can get affected greatly. So, before you plan for fertility treatment, you need to keep a check on your body weight. To do so, you should follow a proper diet and exercise regime. Stay fit & stay healthy.

  • Keep your body fit

If your general health is okay, then you won’t have any issues. Make sure that you do enough exercise daily. Do any kind of activity which makes your heart rate better. By doing so, the sugar gets in control, reduces blood pressure, and your entire health is benefited.

  • Limit the coffee consumption

You might like to have coffee to begin your day with. If you do so, then you have to cut back on coffee consumption to boost your pregnancy chances. Studies have shown that it can reduce the chances by 50%. It’s better that you limit the coffee consumption to 1 to 2 cups in a day.

  • Age is an important part of the treatment

Now the phrase here perfectly fits, ‘If I could turn back time. Unfortunately, you can’t, which means your age cannot be controlled. Understand that women in their 30s will have better chances of conception as compared to women in their 40s. We are not saying that you cannot conceive in your 40s, you should consult the doctor to know about the possible treatment option.

  • Control stress levels

The stress of any kind is not good when you are planning to conceive. You should control your stress levels at all costs. In case you are stressed about something then it’s better that you calm yourself through meditation, do yoga, take a walk, listen to soothing music, or get any mind therapy. You can talk to the doctor about the same.

  • Take the necessary supplements

Your gynae will prescribe you the supplements when you are trying to conceive. Make sure that your body is getting enough amount of Vitamin D and all other sorts of necessary supplements. You should consult the doctor about the same.

  • Do not smoke

Cigarette smoke contains hazardous chemicals which can affect the growth of the fetus growing inside you. Cut back smoking from your life and this goes for both men and women. If you are not able to stop smoking then you should get help.