Do you need to store expensive liquids in a warehouse? If so, then using drum spill trays can be effective for your business. Drum spill tray are produced using high-density polythene, which makes their surface capable of resisting poisonous liquids. 

There are numerous reasons why a business owner should use the drum spill tray instead of regular pallets. If you are willing to know some reasons, you can check the following points. 

Why not use a drum spill tray? 

  • Cleaning up spilled liquids takes a lot more effort and time: If you are required to store costly liquids in your warehouse while running a business, then you may fear about the event that can give rise to the leakage of the liquid. Since it requires a lot more effort to clean the liquid so that it does not hamper the other product and the life of the person who is cleaning the liquid also remains safe. Many hazardous liquids are very poisonous and if they accidentally get inside a human body, they can even take the life of the person. The leakage in the warehouse can be managed to be cleaned, but if the situation takes place in some other location, then it can be a nightmare for the business owner. Hence, while transporting the liquid that is poisonous to human life, the business owner needs to take all the necessary measurements to avoid the contact of the liquid with the human body. Using the drum spill tray while transporting can be the best idea because it will automatically clean up the area by accumulating all the leaked liquid. 
  • Ensure the safety of the employee’s life and the environment: Different forms of liquid can be very poisonous to the environment. Even a small drop of that liquid can burn the environment in no time. These types of liquids are also very hazardous for the human body if they come into contact. If any business that needs to deal with this type of liquid does not pay attention to the materials that are being used in the storage and transport process, then it can give rise to a problematic situation in the future. If normal pallets are used in place of the drum spill pallets, then the life of the worker who is required to clean the planet is at risk. While many times, workers fail to detect the small spillages that take place accidentally. While moving the normal palate, the liquid may come into contact with the body of the worker. This scenario will not arise after the use of the drum spill pallet.  
  • A variety of models: There are different forms of drum spill pallets available. Any business owner can decide to purchase this spill pallet by understanding the requirements efficiently. The type of the spill pallets varies due to the material that has been used to manufacture them, due to size, and many more. 


If you have gone through this article, and you are willing to purchase a pallet containment tray, you are making a safe decision for your business. Leakage of any liquid may also give rise to some disaster in the surrounding, even during the time of transportation. Numerous cases show how the environment was victimized by the spillage of poisonous liquid.