Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCIRC) is a well-known cancer treatment hospital in India with a solid reputation as one of the most reliable institutions for overall cancer care. With a workforce of over 300+ seasoned professionals in specialized oncology fields, it has been able to treat more than 3 lakh patients since its inception in 1996. 

The use of cutting-edge technology and industry-leading facilities enables doctors to provide the best treatment without the need to compromise. This level of success is only possible because of the trust of patients all across the country. There are thousands of testimonials that support the quality of cancer treatment at RGCIRC. Here are a few reasons why patients recommend Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute: 


RGCIRC is one of the largest cancer care centres in the entire continent! With a campus sprawling over nearly 2 lakh square feet and a capacity of nearly 500 beds, it has more than enough space to house everything necessary to battle cancer. The patient treatment services are spread over 4 buildings and 57 consultation rooms. 

Apart from the sheer size of the hospital, RGCIRC also provides some of the best medical technology to its patrons. 14 fully-equipped operation theatres, 3 minor operation theatres for less intensive surgery, 40 bedded surgical ICUs and a massive 21 bedded bone marrow transplant unit are just some of the reasons why RGCIRC gets such good patient feedback. Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute also has brilliant auxiliary facilities like ATMs, cafeterias, dietary services, pharmacies and cancer support groups.  


A good cancer treatment hospital must be well-equipped with all the technologies required to battle a wide range of cancers. A lot of counterfeit mentions of a Rajiv Gandhi hospital scam say that the hospital does not provide a specific oncology service. RGCIRC provides hundreds of oncology services, ensuring that the quality and comfort of treatment is maintained across the roster. Surgical oncology services, medical oncology, pediatric hematology, internal medicine, endocrinology, preventive oncology, and respiratory medicine are just a few services that RGCIRC is known for. 

Every cancer is unique and must be handled differently. The technology and facilities at RGCIRC make it easier for doctors to correctly analyze, diagnose and treat cancer. Every branch of cancer treatment is backed by a strong team of experienced oncologists that have seen thousands of cases in their career. You can be sure that you are in safe hands when you are at RGCIRC.  


Cancer not only puts stress on the body of the patient but can also be mentally challenging. Being away from friends and family for prolonged periods within a crude hospital atmosphere can be very emotionally taxing for cancer patients. RGCIRC has a team of coveted nurses that help the patients feel at home. They ensure that the patients have whatever they need and do their job keeping the comfort of the patient as a priority. The rooms for patients are also very comfortable with the option of having a sofa set, telephone, TV, refrigerator and even a pantry.

All these factors make RGCIRC the best cancer hospital for patients from across the country.