The internet and smart devices have made everything in the world easy. Every business has an online presence, making it easier for the customers to reach out to them whenever they want. Insurance companies are no different. There are plenty of insurance providers in the market that sell the policies online! You can check their details, compare insurance plans and sign up for the two-wheeler insurance within no time.

As per a recent study, two-wheeler insurance plans are the most commonly sold online. The reason is, everyone prefers to buy bikes as they are convenient for the shorter commutes. But as there are uncertainties involved with convenience, every buyer compares the two-wheeler insurance plans and gets the vehicle insured. 

Benefits of buying bike insurance online

E-commerce and other online businesses have indeed made life easier. But does it also stand true in the case of bike insurances? Let us discuss some of the benefits you get if you compare insurance plans and buy bike insurance online.

Informed Decision

The world of the internet is vast. As you start looking for two-wheeler insurance service providers, you will be shocked to see the count of companies offering the same. If you are sitting in the comfort of your home, you have all the time to explore each option. You can thoroughly examine each option by attentively checking all the details. Compare insurance plans that you find and make an informed decision about choosing the right bike insurance policy. You can take all the time, even days, to finalize the policy that suits your requirements the most. There is no rush as no one is sitting in front of you waiting for you to decide.

Direct Buying

There are companies offering bike insurances, and then there are agents! Though the agents also try to sell the same policies, getting it directly from the company has its own perks. The experts hired by the company will thoroughly explain each plan and present the benefits and drawbacks in front of you. On the other hand, an agent may try to jump you into buying a policy to sign the deal quickly. Hence, buying the bike insurance policy online lets you do direct buying, which has perks in many ways. 

Payment Security

Once you talk to the executive, compare two-wheeler insurance plans, and decide, the next step is to make the payment. If you are buying it through an agent, you would have to pay the agent, and he communicates with the company for the further process. It usually delays the entire process, and you may get your policy after waiting for a few days. At the same time, if you do direct buying, the payment you make goes directly into the company account. Online payment methods are quick. Thus, it gets reflected into the company account, and they issue your policy within minutes. You will receive a copy in your email, and the hard copy will reach your physical address in some days.

Utmost Convenience

Looking for agents, seeking references, and personally visiting the insurance companies is a tiring task. Moreover, you wouldn’t get the chance to explore many options this way, as it is hectic and time-consuming. Hence, the ideal way to compare insurance policies and find the best available option is to buy them online. Firstly, you do not have to invest all your time and effort in visiting multiple places. Secondly, you can make a productive decision as there is no rush to finalize things in a few hours. 


The brick and mortar offices have a closing time, and the agents also wouldn’t entertain your concerns after the specific hours. But the online insurance service providers have customer support teams to assist you all the time. They take your queries, solve them and provide quick guidance on just one phone call. 

These are some benefits you get when you compare two-wheeler insurance plans and buy the policy online. The only thing you need to ensure is to choose a reliable online insurance company to get the bike insurance. So, if you have recently bought a bike and want to cover it with an insurance policy, go ahead, browse the internet and buy it online.