Emails have become the major source of communication at the business and professional levels. Due to this having an email address is more than necessary for every adult. A simple email address without a specific domain may cut out for individuals, but it is not suitable for business entities. The email address of the business organizations showcases their brand and identity.

In order to get a domain-specific email address, as well as an advanced service, which will secure their data and operations, the business organizations opt for an email hosting service. However, the dilemma here is that not all the authorities and entities are aware of the technical details of the subject matter. The business organizations randomly opt for any email hosting type and end up facing loss. Learning about types of email hosting can help you limit your hassles and loss.

Dig deeper into this article to learn in detail about common types of email hosting and make sure to opt for the best option for your business.

Top 6 Types of Email Hosting Everyone Should Know About

Email hosting is not a new concept for the people of this era. Still, there are many who are not aware of the technicalities and details of the topic and end up opting for the email hosting type, which is not suitable for them. Lack of knowledge should not be used as an excuse for earning loss. You can learn about types of email hosting in order to pick a suitable one.

Here are the most important types of email hosting everyone should know about to get and enjoy a better plan and service.

1. IMAP Email Hosting

Internet message access protocol (IMAP) is the very first type of email hosting that is often used and preferred by business organizations. The email data is stored on the servers, and the software can be synced with multiple machines, which makes it a viable option for business entities. Many new business organizations consult email hosting Dubai based services about this type and make sure to opt for the one recommended by the professionals and offer the most benefits.

2. POP3 Email Hosting

Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) is the next type of email hosting. It is linked to internet service provider hosting, which allows the users to get email accounts along with internet service. The emails can be accessed from servers and stored on the user’s device but cannot be accessed on the server once downloaded on the device. It means that you cannot get constant server support or use email from multiple devices.

3. ISP Hosting

Internet service provider (ISP) hosting is another common type of hosting which is actually offered by the internet service providers along with the internet. Although business organizations can also get their hands on this type of email hosting solution, it is not recommended because of gaps in security and technical support. It is a better choice for individual users who can send multiple emails with this.

4. Free Email Hosting

Free email hosting is the most commonly used and known type of email hosting. It is the email hosting on the commonly available domains like Gmail and Yahoo etc. Free email hosting is suitable only for personal use. It does not allow domain-specific emails accounts to business entities, due to which it hurts their brand image and identity. So, it is not a suitable option for business accounts.

5. Shared Email Hosting

Shared email hosting is another common type of email hosting. It is quite similar to shared web hosting, in which multiple websites are hosted on the same server. In the case of email, multiple email accounts are hosted on the shared server. It may be a cost-effective solution for new business organizations, but you may have to compromise security. So, make sure to consult professionals before finalizing your choice.

6. Cloud Email Hosting

The last type of email hosting is cloud email hosting. As evident from the name, the cloud email hosting is the one in which the server is hosted on the cloud. The users can get as much storage space as they want, in addition to business-specific multiple domains. This type of email hosting offers higher operational efficiency at a reduced cost. If you are also interested in getting this, consult email hosting Dubai-based service providers and make sure to get the perfect plan.


SMTP Email Hosting

Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is often termed and confused as the type of email hosting; however, it is not. It is just an industry protocol that is used to send and forward emails to various clients and receivers. In simple words, it is the protocol that allows you to send and receive emails and has nothing to do with email hosting.

Now that you know the types of email hosting and what is not its type be sure to make a reliable and profitable decision. Get in touch with professionals in case you need consultation or the best solution for your email hosting needs.

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