In the confectionery industry, After Eight Chocolate Thins, commonly known as After Eights, are mint chocolate covered sugar confections. The After Eight brand is sold across Europe and North America, and one billion After Eights are made every year.

We’re not talking about the usual controversial orange-chocolate combo in today’s divisive food news.

Perhaps we need to engage both sides of the orange chocolate debate in order to deal with what may be a far greater evil than orange chocolate.

Following are gin and tonic-flavoured gummy bears that will be hitting the shelves soon.

Here it is, After Eights, but with a gin and tonic twist.

The mint flavour has not disappeared from these sweet treats, otherwise they would not qualify as After Eights.

With both the mint and the G&T flavours, the fondant has a dark chocolate covering that adds to the overall experience.

To answer your question, the mints contain no alcohol, so you won’t get drunk from them. They don’t have the taste of a G&T, however, so that’s why we’re imagining citrus notes and juniper.

What do you think about this? Is it gross or brilliant? Our knowledge of the future If, however, you do not like either tonic or gin, then you will hate the concept. This concept will be hated by us. The movie After Eights may not be your cup of tea, but it’s hard to imagine you’d be bothered by it if you don’t like it. For gin and tonic enthusiasts and After Eights devotees, this is a must-attend event.

Since these are gin-related, we can imagine they will sell out quickly, so you’ll need to act fast if you’re interested in trying one.

As with the chocolates, the chocolates are also limited edition, but will be available until at least Christmas, so you can enjoy them as a festive twist on your usual treats.

The spokesperson for After Eight said: ‘Gin has rapidly become the nation’s spirit of choice, so what could be better than combining the flavors of our favourite spirit with the exquisite light mint fondant and dark chocolate that have made After Eight so popular for almost sixty years?

The After Eight Gin & Tonic & Mint cocktail is a fabulously fresh, zesty take on a classic, and we think it will be a very popular addition to the range. The official start of Gin O’Clock is here!’

Gin O’ Clock is said to be after 8pm, does this imply that it starts after 8pm? Then we’ve ended up a little early in recent months, if that’s the case.

There is no doubt that the reaction to this variation on a classic has been positive; all the same, we may not be sure about it. The Instagram announcement of the products received comments such as ‘Yummy, I need to try this’ and ‘they look so good’.