If you get the option to buy LCD, LED, QLED, SLED and OLED display type TVs, then which one of these displays would you like to buy. Perhaps you must have wondered that which one of these display TVs would be right to bring in the house.

The festive season has started in the country, meanwhile many TV companies will offer discount offers. If you are also planning to buy a new TV, then this information will come in handy, because the picture quality and price of TVs are to some extent based on their display type.

1.LCD display

LCD full form liquid crystal display. The liquid crystal display panel is installed on the front side of the TV. In which there are many colors from where the TV produces color. Now some light or backlight is needed to bring this color to the eyes. For which normal fluorescent lighting is used behind the display. Technology News, Which we call CCFL which are mounted on the back side of the whole panel. This CCFL starts flashing as soon as the TV is turned on, after which we start seeing the video on the TV.

LCD displays are thick, plus the black color level is not completely black. Because if darkness is to be shown in any corner of the picture, then you cannot turn off the light for that section. That’s why a light gray color appears there.

2.LED Display TV Affordable and Durable

Today, if you go out to buy a TV, then you will get most of the options of LED TV only. Firstly, LED TVs are cheap and secondly they are available in all sizes. This is the base level TV, which is found in every house. 32-inch Smart LED TVs start at Rs. 12,000.

Colors are also good in LED TV and viewing angles are also good. Meaning that even if you do not sit right in front of the TV and watch TV while sitting on the side, the picture and color will still be seen the same way. The brightness level and sound output vary for different TV models. But the contrast of LED TV is not so good. That’s because there is always a backlight lit in it, due to which there is some whiteness even in black color.

LED TV is actually technically an LCD TV, inside which LED light is now used instead of CCFL. In true sense it should be called LED-LCD. The pixels in these TVs are made from packets of liquid crystals. Now since these crystals do not make their own light, so to make a picture, light has to be hit separately on it. Earlier CCFL used to kill this light and now this work is done by LED.

3.OLED Screen TV Better Option

The best display technology in TVs at the moment is OLED. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. Unlike LED-LCD displays, each pixel in this display has its own light. Also, each pixel can be closed according to the need. Therefore, the OLED screen gets deep black and the contrast is very good.

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There is no need to hit the light from the inside on the OLED panel, so their colors are also very bright. And for this reason, OLED TVs come with very thin screens. They are way ahead of other screen technology in viewing angle and picture quality, but their brightness level is not as high as LCD-LED TVs. But since TVs are mostly kept in the room itself, the brightness doesn’t matter that much.