Youtube is the famous Internet portal where you can listen and download songs in both video and music versions. The download is possible through apps for mobile devices, specific programs for PCs or through extensions to be added to your browser.

To download music from YouTube without paying anything, listening to your favorite songs from your PC, mobile phone, tablet or your mp3 whenever you want, you can use different systems. For example, you can download YouTube music for free without installing a program, directly online. Or you can download specific programs to import audio and video files from the platform to your PC, integrate extensions to the browser, or even use apps for mobile devices to download free music from YouTube to your Android smartphone or any iPhone.

Songs covered by copyright

Before looking at the methods just mentioned, we want to remind you that when you download music from a channel like YouTube it is important to take note of the copyright as well. For this reason, downloading copyrighted music is in effect illegal. In this case, however, a copy of previously purchased songs is granted that can be transferred to one’s own devices for personal use only. Therefore, you must always be very careful to always act legally, in order to avoid unpleasant criminal proceedings.

Download music without installing software

Downloading music without downloading software is the first way to get free music from Youtube. It is a method directly online, using the services that are provided free of charge by the websites, which take care of doing this. This method is useful, as there is no need to download or install software on the computer, which slow down the PC with the risk of catching viruses or malware that could compromise its functionality. Although it is considered the most popular method for convenience and speed, at the same time it cannot be used if you do not have an Internet connection as fast.

Operation is simple and the same for all sites. Just locate the link of the Youtube video, copy it, paste it in the white space present on these sites and click on the button to convert from video to mp3 song. Once this is done, wait a few seconds and the download of the song in mp3 format or in other formats made available to users will start automatically.

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Download apps for Android and iOS

There are many applications for Android to download music and videos from Youtube, most of which cannot be downloaded from the Google market store, because they are illegal. It is, therefore, necessary to search the web for alternative apps to download and install on your mobile device, through third parties. Among the best free apps for iOS are: Among the best versions for Android operating systems we recommend Vidmate. Vidmate is a smooth and easy-to-use application in order to download videos from YouTube. It is 100% safe and makes the video downloading easy. However, you can use it to download videos for personal interest and posting a copyrighted video elsewhere would be considered an illegal activity.

For iOS, and therefore all Apple devices, there are valid programs with which you can download both videos and music. Just download a downloader from the Apple Store, or a web browser where you can enter the address and the program automatically downloads the indicated file to iPhone and iPad.