It is a type of mortar for installing different blocks such as AAC, CLC, etc blocks. It is used in construction instead of cement. The mortar has different types of joints such as weathered, grooved, veed etc. it is used for masonry uses. They are used to fill the gap between the bricks or the blocks. It is a substance produced using different materials such as rakes, jointers etc. Before building a mortar, you should build a brick wall or a wall made of stone. The block jointing mortar is used as a sealant between two substances such as bricks or cement. 

Uses of jointing mortar

It is used to fill the gaps between the bricks instead of cement because it does not require any curing. It consists of graded materials than the primitive cement as it is thick, durable and consists of tensile strength. Another property of the mortar is its thermal insulation. It is also known an eco-friendly material and hence is sustainable. Many civil engineers prefer to use the jointing mortar because it reduces the total cost of construction. The best manufacturers manufacture the best quality block jointing mortar.  

It is preferred by engineers due to the following properties.

It can be mixed easily and consists of better tensile potency. Due to low conductivity it can easily absorb heat. After the work is completing, the engineer need not perform the task of plastering. As it can easily mix with the other substances, it need not be preserved for long time. It is used to provide potency to the walls and the walls can remain intact for years. It need not be plastered for cured frequently to maintain strength. Water does not get clogged during the process of water percolation. Using this material, the walls can be well-leveled and is not easily prone to shrinkage cracks. So, the block jointing mortar is a substance used for easy construction. 

The material is not wasted in the process of construction. It is a non-toxic material that can be used easily. It is quickly cured and plaster need not be applied. As it consists of tensile strength, you need not apply it in larger quantities. It also uses lesser space between the bricks or cement. The engineers can construct any building flawlessly. The engineers can also complete the work of construction quickly using such strong material. 

But before preparing the mortar, the masonry surfaces should be fully extracted. Dusty particles should not remain and the base surface also should be cured. If the surfaces consist of holes or cracks, then they should be sealed. To clean the blocks or the surfaces, then should be applied with water. 

The manufacturer should manufacture different types of joints depending upon the type of construction. The different types of block jointing mortar include V-joint, beaded, grapevine, flush point, weather etc. 

After building a brick wall, then the mortar is made smooth and then it is dried. Then the engineers manufacture the mortar joint.  It is mainly used for laying the AAC blocks and it is a material used instead of mixed mortar of sand.