The packers and movers market in the United States is worth about 25 billion, but sadly, this segment has not undergone any major revolution in the past couple of decades except for probable computerization of the processes.

We talk about the descriptions that have happened in every industry with the introduction of on-demand services. From how the market has been progressing, the packers and movers industry looks like an ideal target for the next big disruption. This makes it a perfect time for any aspiring entrepreneur to launch their own Uber for movers app.

The Market 

We have already seen that the packing and moving industry in the United States alone is worth about $25 billion. This has drastically changed over the past couple of decades because of the creation of employment hotspots. There has also been a change in the mindset of the millennials. It has been estimated that the number of 25 to 34-year-old people who lived in their current home for less than two years was just 33.8% in 1960 but it skyrocketed to 45.3% in 2017.

We are not just talking about mere numbers. We are also talking about a visible delta in the moving patterns. Millennials are not interested in shifting their entire homes. They have gotten into a lifestyle of hopping between cities, so they can experience every city.

We have seen instances of people wanting to sell everything by using the Facebook marketplace and similar services, so they can move from one place to another without much luggage. There have also been instances where people use dedicated services for disassembling their cards instead of counting on packing and moving professionals for whom it is only an auxiliary specialization. Therefore, the concept of moving entire houses using massive trucks has been rendered almost obsolete.

There was a time when moving only meant between cities and that too after years of stay. These days, moving could also mean moving within the city from one house to another just because people want to experience a change in their living and lifestyle. When it comes to moving from one city to another, as we have already discussed, it could mean the movement of small packages that might not fit into cars.

Coupling all these with the on-demand revolution, an Uber-like up for Movers seems like a good business idea.

Focusing On Bellhops

Bellhops is a packing and moving company based out of Tennessee that has been redefining the concept of packing and moving. Their tagline sums up what they stand for “imagine if moving were fun!“.

Perhaps the biggest strength of bellhops lies in their customizability. They provide all kinds of service starting right from just providing a truck to complete moving services that take care of even packaging.

While every business in this segment has had issues with getting up, bellhops has established a presence in almost every city in the United States.

Some Interesting Observations 

Dolly, a packing and moving company was recently acquired by an updater for an undisclosed amount. Updater, as we all may have known, is an invite-only packing and moving company that aims to offer premium services. The fact that it is invite-only makes it easier for them to scale up without experiencing any exponential growth.

Updater and bellhops serve as interesting case studies on what this industry holds. In all of this, it should not be forgotten that both these companies have just touched the tip of the iceberg. There is massive potential and profit that lies on Taft, and any person who invests their time and effort in the on-demand moving up development is bound to hit the jackpot.

The Features 

Your Uber-like app for movers should brim with features that make it easy for the customer to avail of your services.

  • The customer should be able to complete the registration without any hassle. They should be able to log in using the usual email address or phone number or use legacy credentials like Google and Facebook.
  • The registration should immediately create a profile for them that keeps a tab of all their requests over time. The registration should also contain information regarding their default payment instruments, the usual size of consignment, and the addresses.
  • It is to be remembered that the packing and moving services will not have a lot of repeat customers over a short period of time. Therefore, your app should also be available on all platforms including the web, so users do not have to always download and install the app every time they want to use your service.
  • The GPS can be considered the epicenter of the on-demand revolution. The GPS should be able to help in pinpointing the pick-up and drop locations. This should also help drivers in flawlessly navigating even to unknown territories.
  • The customer should be able to easily book a packing and moving service. They should be able to enter the pick-up location, the drop location, and the things that they would like to transport. Based on these things, the app should be able to assign the best transport that will be a confluence of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • New dimensions of technology like augmented reality can be incorporated into the app, so users can just use the camera on their phone to measure the dimensions of the object that they need to transport. This will result in the estimates being accurate, so the user does not have to be disappointed after they find out that they cannot fit the coat into the small truck.
  • The payments should be easy and simple. For this purpose, the app should be integrated with a versatile payment gateway that can accept payments from multiple payment instruments like credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, and wallets.
  • The operational part should not be forgotten. While the technical elements can be easily handled even with white label solutions, you will need to ensure that you have the logistics and infrastructure in place for warehousing and packaging.


We often hear examples of how certain things are right under the nose… And Uber for packers and movers is one of the best examples we can think of in this category. We know that the industry is quite wide and open to accumulate massive profits and accommodate new players.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, this is one of the best segments for you to invest in! All that is left for you to do is to get in touch with the company that specializes in the development and customization of on-demand packing and moving applications. They will take care to understand the requirements and present you with perfect solutions, so you can start moving your balance sheets in the direction of profitability!