The universe was created by the almighty and made up of the chief elements supporting lifelike fire, air, ether, etc. The water circulation maintains the balance mainly within all biological organisms. Thus, the water in supporting life plays a prime role. Natural mineral water is mainly underground water, closely packaged to the source, and all the quality stands are met. It is featured by the particular mineral salt’s presence and in relative proportion trace elements. At the source, it is mandatory to bottle for avoiding contamination. Just like torques JAL’s new mineral water company, there are other companies out there with the same goal. 


  • JAL is natural mineral water procured from the Himalayas foothills, which are of 1500 feet deep virgin canals. Over rocks and mountains, water descends and flows for more than 20 years imbibing organic minerals which naturally exist. 
  • The rock guard’s confined layer is mainly from the external environment of the virgin canal. Torques JAL, the fresh mineral water company, makes sure that at the source, the water is bottled to keep it free from contact with humans till the unscrewing of the cap takes place.
  • The natural mineral water is protected naturally from pollutants through the rock’s layer. The Himalayas, where serenity and purity meet and nature craft life along with positivity and uniqueness. The snow melts, and minerals are picked up from the holy land’s geological formation. At last, it gets filtered mainly bypassing the rock, clay, and soil layers.
  • The presence of electrolytes, natural minerals, and alkaline PH offers natural mineral water, a soft, smooth, and unique taste. When it comes to essence, it is rich in chiefly bicarbonates, chloride, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium.

Composition of minerals (Mg/100ml)

  • Magnesium 0.8
  • Chloride 2.8
  • Calcium 6.0
  • Potassium 0.3
  • Sodium 3.1
  • Bicarbonate 24.4


  • Unprocessed & untouched- It has a pristine’s taste as it comes from the Himalayas foothills directly. The catchment area is chiefly pollution-free. That’s why it is untouched & unprocessed. Thus, water retains its natural & original taste to ensure purity. From the protected source, after drawing water, it undergoes a filtration series without disturbing its composite of inherent minerals.
  • Vital natural minerals- These comprise the minerals that have existed in nature itself. There is no artificial mineral addition also. Furthermore, for fitness-conscious people, zero calories make it the first choice. For water’s purest form, the Himalayas is considered a prime source, and torques JAL mineral water bottle company ensures its minerals dissolvent.
  • Bottled at the source- With organic minerals, it is naturally enriched. It is a perfect blend of mainly quirky & healthy tastes. The JAL’s taste comes from the water purity provided by the Himalayas, along with the natural mineral blend. For the body, the alkaline makes it best suited, and this acts as fuel for the body by a system of replenishing and nourishing inside out.


It can be concluded that torques JAL mineral water bottle company represents purity. It sets the high standards for the active lifestyle, promoting and changing the life.