To launch a website or any sort of online business via WordPress, a single question always pops up in everyone’s mind: “Who can provide the best web hosting?” To which the response is always frequent. There are so many hosting providers that people often get confused that which hosting provider to choose.

There’s a lot of hype around which is created on cloud hosting. But what is ‘cloud’? And why it’s connected with hosting?

You might be using so-called cloud services already but didn’t realize a lot of things. ATMs, social networks, Gmail, and even your online banking also relies on cloud hosting service.

Cloud hosting forms websites available to use the same cloud resources. It’s a very popular choice for the ‘WordPressers’ who don’t have to worry about if their website goes down, loading very slowly, or if it’s costing too much. This post will give a brief into just how cloud hosting and WordPress work together.

Cloud Hosting Outplays Traditional Hosting – 

Cloud hosting is a popular and advanced technology that uses a pool of servers. Unlike different types of traditional hosting, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting where your data is stored on a single web server,  but in cloud hosting, your data is stored over several servers. If one server’s resources storage and bandwidth are fully consumed, you will be shifted to another for resources. Having various servers at your disposal will help to maximize website uptime and balance the web traffic load.

What precisely is WordPress Cloud Hosting?

WordPress hosting is, explicitly, best suitable for WordPress websites, but there’s another way to host a WordPress website. Let’s characterize between some of the other options.

Shared hosting is the entry-level type of hosting where your website shares /88server resources with other websites on the same server. It’s a reasonable option that can be sometimes more complicated for some WordPress users. Unless the web host provider provides a quick install, you will have to install WordPress yourself and navigate the cPanel dashboard.

Managed WordPress hosting is specifically enhanced for WordPress websites. Keeping WordPress updated and performing regular backups are usually taken care of. You can focus on your business operations without having to deal with any technical stuff. Plus, you have access to higher quality support with better security, at just a marginally higher cost. 

Then, there is another WordPress cloud hosting that combines the benefits of cloud servers with a managed WordPress hosting service.

Managed hosting costs more, but here you can save an untold amount of time for website maintenance. It can be a solid choice for small businesses and websites that are looking to scale up. On one hand, you will get the ample benefits of WordPress, and on the second-hand numerous advantages of cloud hosting. By combining all these technologies, your website will not only look good but will be also responsive to all the features you want.

Higher Uptime Guaranteed – Cloud-powered web hosting guarantees reliability, and uptime which increases exponentially. Since the cloud doesn’t depend on a single server, it is interconnected with a network of servers. Your website data is available 24×7 on the cloud. If one server goes down, the other server will help to stay the website running on the internet.

Easy to Scale – Web hosting provider speaks a lot about scalability. This simply states there’s a lot of space to expand yourself. An ambitious business owner will always prefer a hosting provider that helps to grow. By the nature, cloud hosting is designed to be very scalable. The starter plan comes with an allowance of 10,000 visitors per month. This service scales your website visitors’ growth. You can add more features in one 1-click from the WordPress dashboard. You can also scale your server storage by buy cloud storage India.

Things to Consider before choosing Cloud Host

Customer Support – There might be a situation when you need to reach your hosting provider to solve any query. Before choosing any cloud service, make sure to check that your hosting provider has strong customer service available around the clock. Aim for a web hosting provider with a solid reputation for cloud support. 

Easy Install – Choose a web hosting provider that provides easy WordPress installation. Go4hosting managed web hosting has cut down installation time. In such a short span of time, you can install WordPress in few minutes. 

Cost – Cloud hosting has become more affordable these days. To get the best deal, make proper market research, compare all the plans and then go for a required cloud hosting plan. There are many companies that offer cloud hosting India.


Thus, cloud hosting has become immensely popular and a lot of companies are now adopting it. For the finest cloud hosting services, contact our sales team and get the best cloud hosting plans.