Air conditioners tend to become the most used electrical appliances during summers and monsoons. In various households, they are among the best and the most important investments. Therefore, those who own an Air Conditioner always wish to increase its efficiency. Below are certain tips that can help you maximise the efficiency of your Air conditioners:

Changing the filters

Many Air Conditioners come with PM 2.5 and Anti-Dust Filters. These filters ensure that your home is protected from illness-causing particles. However, with constant use, these filters tend to get choked, and their efficiency reduces. To increase their efficiency, the filters either need to be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals. 

Increasing cooling Impact

Sometimes, people install air conditioners in rooms where certain heat-producing electronics such as microwaves, ovens, drying machines, etc., are also placed. Therefore, to increase cooling, it is essential to install a fan in the room. The fan assists the Air Conditioner to remove the additional heat generated from other electronics. It also ensures proper circulation of the cool air being generated so that it does not gather around the bottom of the room.

Doors and Windows

For optimum cooling, it is necessary to keep doors and windows closed. If these are left open, the cooling will be reduced. This majorly happens because the cool air from the AC escapes into the outer regions through the open doors and windows. Therefore, closing them ensures that there is a specific area that receives the cold air. Moreover, there should be no gap around the window or door frame as cool air can escape through such gaps.


Each season calls for the need to get your Air Conditioners serviced. As summers creep in, the air conditioners need to be serviced before beginning their use. People from service centres can come and check the Air Conditioner, clean them, check the gas, monitor the cooling and filters. Servicing ensures that your Air Conditioner provides proper cooling. There are times when the Air Conditioner starts making too much noise or gas leaking, or even unusually high electricity bills. These are indicators that your Air Conditioner needs servicing in order to operate optimally.

Protect the outdoor unit

The indoor unit is protected within the safe walls of our home. However, the outdoor unit is almost always neglected. Since the outdoor unit is exposed to heat, rain and constant dusty air, it too requires protection. You should cover the outdoor unit in such a way, that it does not hinder the airflow from within but at the same time keeps the unit safe and protected.

Evaluate Air Conditioner capacity

There are instances when we buy the Air Conditioners without putting much thought into its capacity. Every Air Conditioner has a certain capacity, a certain size of the room that it can effectively cater to. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your room size and Air Conditioner capacity match. Picking the right Air Conditioner capacity would make sure that there is optimum cooling within a short period. If the room or area to be covered by a single inverter air conditioner is too big, it might take longer to cool and even then, it might not be as cool as expected.

Remove obstacles

There are times when people arrange plants too close to the Air Conditioners. These plants obstruct the flow of air. This does not just obstruct cooling but can also damage the beautiful plants in your homes.

Divide and control

Having large areas or open spaces within the house makes it difficult to reach optimum cooling with just one AC. Dividing large rooms into smaller sections or enclosed spaces and dedicating an Air conditioning unit helps ensure that the air is circulated within a particular area and provides proper cooling.

Turn the Air Conditioner off

Like all machines, your Air Conditioner also requires little rest. Switching the Air Conditioner on and sitting in it all day long has adverse effects on health. It could also lead to overuse or burnout of the  appliance. Once the room is optimally cool, you can switch off the Air Conditioner and let the fan continue recirculating the cool air. This ensures that your body does not freeze and the system is not overworked. Raising the temperature or switching the Air Conditioner off when you are not at home or in the room also helps to keep the bills low.

Understand your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners can effectively function once you get to know all the functions. For example, the remote of the Air Conditioner usually has several functions such as glacier mode, air swing, fan speed, timer, etc. Selecting the right setting can help increase the efficiency of your air conditioners and ensure more comfort.

There are several Air Conditioners available in the market to choose from. The 1.5 ton split inverter AC, like the other Air Conditioner models, has several amazing features that generate effective cooling, but keeping the above points in mind can increase the efficiency and make the experience more comforting.