2020 is here, and you still have no clue about your new year’s resolution? Let me help you with it. How about bringing little harmless changes to your wardrobe and yourself and be trendy this year? You’re at the right place to do this, ladies!

We all know how short of time we all are and what we don’t have the time to plan our outfits every night before going to bed. I am going to make this more comfortable, easier, and satisfactory for you. Listed below are the ten trends in India in 2020. This act will give you an Outlook on how you can put little effort and still stand out in the crowd. It doesn’t require much effort but little planning and attention at the beginning of the year, which will be fruitful for your entire life.

Just keep the following points in your mind when you go shopping next and set up your wardrobe accordingly. Trust me; your entire life will get sorted. You will stay well prepared to look excellent for the whole year ahead.

  • Kurtis


Kurtis is always in trend in India. Traditional, classy, convenient, and comfortable. Confused about what to wear in the morning? Just grab a jury from your closet, pair it up with whatever bottoms you like. Be it a trendy pair of jeans and sneakers, a lovely embroidered or laced shalwar, and you’re good to go.

The best thing about Kurtis that it never gets out of style in India. By putting a little effort into the detailing, designing, and cuts of the Kurtis, you can get the grace of the outfit.

Markets in India have plenty of beautiful and colorful patterns in different varieties of cloth at very reasonable prices. Such qualities make the trend accessible to every Indian, making it affordable and stylish.

  • Customized Sweatshirts

The Internet contains pictures of people with customized shirts showing that it’s trending. Minimum printing and more customization of the outfit is what everyone desires these days. Customized sweatshirts are not so affordable, but we all like them, of course. Confused about what to gift your best friend or boyfriend in this new year? These sweatshirts are the best gift for any occasion.

These always are paired up with a mini skirt and a regular pair of jeans. When in a hurry, pair your sweatshirt with whatever you like, and you are ready to rock. You will look awesome, even without the accessories. However, wearing a pair of trending studs with a classy watch on your wrist will add more to the beauty of your presentation.

  • Denim jackets

Denim jackets used to be in trend a few years back, but we see a lot of celebrities rocking every kind of denim jackets, so we’re sure that these babies are back in the pattern. And who doesn’t love ethical denim, one can never have enough of them. It instantly elevates the style of your outfit and adds pop to your personality. Ripped, cropped, patched, and faded, all of them are trending in India, and we love it.

Wear it with whatever you like. But don’t forget about whether it is going with your outfit or not.

It is something simple and easy to enhance your beautiful look. It varies from high to low rates depending upon the quality, material, and style available for all of you. Most suitable to give your outfit a complete look.

  • Shalwar

Thanks to the drama industry of India that the tradition is always in style. The traditional shalwar still looks good on Indian women, no matter what body type they have; tall, not so tall, curvy, not so curvy all kinds of women rock shalwar so well in India. Short shirts are preferred with shalwar to show off the pleats in front, which gives the body the hourglass appearance. It’s comfortable and affordable, as well as appreciated by everyone around.

Again a little detailing by adding some laces or tassels or a small embroidery would do wonders to the outfit, and you’d be the eye-catcher of the crowd. Entirely in the budget for everyone. The secret of looking beautiful lies in the way a woman carries her clothes. Apart from the quality of stuff used, excellent stitching plays a very vital part in looking great.

  • Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans are a must-have these days. It’s always handy when you don’t have an outfit planned in your mind and need to go for a casual outing, college, beach party, or brunch. Just pick up a top and wear it with a pair of ripped jeans. The jeans will just take all the attention because of their uniqueness, and the top doesn’t even matter. Even the most boring top in your closet will look bomb with ripped jeans.

You can even pair it up with a lovely Kurti or a tunic. It makes the outfit more casual and classy and shows that some effort has

  • Sneakers

Aren’t you tired of being tired because of your footwear? Forget about wearing only high heels to look presentable and classy.

Comfortable, cozy, and easy to walk in, what else do you need in footwear? Sneakers have them all. Ankle length, thick sole, neon-colored Sneakers are in fashion and a favorite this season. Be it a skirt or pants; sneakers go with every bottom you can think.

The price depends upon the quality of sneakers. Affordable and suitable for all. Other than your clothes, footwear is also essential in making you presentable. No matter how right garments you are wearing, it is always incomplete without matching footwear. Trending shoes, beautiful clothes, and matching accessories; a trio of these will complete your look.

  • Heels

Heels add grace to your personality instantly and lift your outfit no matter what you’re wearing. A beautiful pair of heels is a must-have this season. It’s alright if you’re not comfortable in heels, but you have to lose something to gain another. Isn’t it? But don’t worry, ladies, block heels, and platform heels are always there for the rescue.

But don’t put yourself into great trouble if you can’t wear high heels. Give time to yourself and choose those heels, which makes you comfortable. Class, style, color, and the quality-a mixture of all these will help you selecting heels for you.

Heels will turn even the casual most outfit into a formal and decent one, and it does wonders to your body language. Just think of the impression you’re going to leave after you because of your confidence, which boosts as walk-in heels. It’s crazy, right?

  • Dusky makeup

Dusky makeup is in trend this season. Well defined thick eyebrows, Smoky eyes, thick curved lashes, nude lips, chiseled face, and the glowy outlook is what makes us crazy. The warmth and calmness in this look are insane too, trust me! This makeup gives immense confidence and boosts to your personality, and we love how this look is appreciated worldwide.

But it is crucial to use what suits you. There are plenty of makeup products available for ladies with sensitive skin. So, don’t spoil your skin by using heavy makeup products.

Also, remember to wash your face and put off all the makeup after the event or function. Wear less makeup. Coatings of heavy powder never rate the beauty of your face; it is all about the product and the way you are using it.

  • Accessories

India is all about colors and fun. Are you even Indian if you don’t wear enough accessories? But no wait, less is more! What say?

Yes! Minimal jewelry is the new trend. We’re seeing that our ladies are selective with the jewelry pieces they’re wearing. They’re more about classic, antique jewelry rather than unusual bulky ones. An Indian girls’ outfit is incomplete without a promising jewelry piece. Wethersfield be it pendants, minimal bracelets, nose pins or nose rings, rings, anklets. Indians love wearing as well as shopping for jewelry.

  • Sunglasses

A signature piece of sunglasses gives that proper touch to whatever outfit you’re wearing. So, don’t forget to treat yourself with a beautiful piece whenever you’re going out shopping again. Also, keep it in your mind that loading yourself with shades not meant for you is not going to help you at all. It will not only give you a hard time and a bad look but also spoil your beauty. So just wear what suits you and what is perfectly going with your outfit.

Being trendy is trending, no doubt, but being yourself is even more attractive. It is good to try everything you desire, but it is better if it is for you. Be aware of the trends; try them out. If you like it on you, well and good, if you don’t, just shed it off and try something else. Forget about what people will think about you; just be yourself the way you want to be. Think of yourself, your comfort first, and then go for what is trending because confidence and self-love are always trending.