Vision is one of the most precious gifts that you get as a mammal. Yet your visual acuity may be affected due to several circumstances leaving you unable to view objects at a distance or close at hand. Sure, you would have to reconcile yourself to wearing a visual aid such as eyeglasses or contact lenses thereafter. Sadly, you begin to feel burdened and yearn to be free of such contraptions eventually. Well, you have an opportunity to correct your vision perfectly to ensure flawless viewing of objects both at a distance and close to you. The procedure termed LASIK will not only help you to get rid of glasses and/or contact lenses for good but will help you to retain accurate vision for a lifetime thereafter.

The first question that strikes your mind after you are convinced by the efficacy of the process is the LASIK eye surgery cost. Unfortunately, it cannot be answered immediately as various eye clinics and medical facilities offer the surgery at varied rates. It is most important to check the pros and cons of LASIK surgery before going ahead and inquiring about the included expenses.

Important Facts Associated With LASIK Procedure

The latest statistics reveal that more than 700,000 individuals undergo this surgery so that the light entering their eyes can get focused on their retinas. This helps the patients to see accurately thereafter. The success rate has been high with more than 96% of patients reporting satisfaction after recovery. It is also. acceptable legally as the FDA had it cleared way back in 1998.

You may hear about iLASIK and its supremacy over the traditional procedure. Do not be tempted to say yes immediately. Bide some time and check the facts before agreeing to the novel procedure. You will be interested to know that iLASIK is often termed a “blade-free LASIK” procedure that is believed to provide better results in comparison with traditional LASIK surgery. A femtosecond laser is utilized here with the eye surgeon creating a 3D map of the eyes to note the exact spots of trouble. The correction is done preciously in accordance with the underlying problem. In short, the iLASK is a customized procedure that takes care to address individual issues perfectly.

Checklist of Expenses

No surgical procedure can be decided upon without considering the costs. True, LASIK surgery is a vision correction technique and may be done in exchange for a good amount of money but the outcome is pleasing and hugely satisfying. You may still have to think about your budgetary limitations and then make the final decision.

  • Total expenses– The average costs of LASIK procedure for an eye is likely to range between $2000 to $3000
  • Insurance– Unfortunately, no insurance company is willing to cover LASIK as it is deemed to be an elective procedure that is not essential to ensure a healthy life

There is a silver lining, however. Be sure to check the discounts and free offers that will help you to reduce the LASIK eye surgery cost.