As a matter of fact, let’s accept it- we all have struggled with changing a duvet cover. Maybe even though you manage to change it each time, and always felt there was a better way to put it. Or, even have found you trapped in the duvet cover trying to fasten those corner ties.

Well, of course, there is a better and technical way of changing those covers. So, say goodbye to those struggles, as we have outlined the most effective and practical method of changing the duvet covers. These are the two most common methods used today. 

How to change the bed cover:

The traditional way:

Mostly, people attempt to use this method and, somehow end up getting it done wrongly. It is pretty straightforward, just to put the duvet in the duvet cover. But there is a trick to it! Let us see it below.

  1. In the traditional method, lay the duvet over the bed inside out. 
  2. Following it, make the duvet cover also inside out. Then, lay the duvet cover on top of the duvet, making sure the opening is at the bottom edge of the bed.
  3. Modern duvets cover comes with readymade corner ties that ensure to keep the duvet in place. Thus, the next step is to tie the duvet cover with the duvet. In case, your duvet does not have the loops, then manually tie each end.
  4. Following it, work your way inside the duvet covers towards the top corner. Fasten the duvet cover’s top corners with the duvet.
  5.  Trace your hand downwards, ironing the duvet cover in place, and then tie the bottom corner ties.
  6. Change the duvet cover outside-in. 
  7. Keep in mind, to straighten and give the doona covers a fluffy texture, shake the material holding it from the corners as you go. Ta-da! Your duvet cover is ready to adorn your bed

doona covers
Image Source: Unsplash

Let’s make a burrito!

The burrito method is a bit confusing in the initial stages. However, with good practice, you will realize it is one of the easiest ways of bed-making. Here are the steps you will need to follow to make a burrito!

  1. In this method, lay the duvet cover inside out over the bed. Make sure the opening side is at the bottom edge of your bed.
  2. Now lay the duvet over the duvet cover. Following it, fasten the duvet with cover by tying it at each end.
  3. Then roll down both the duvet and the cover together beginning from the top side of your bed.
  4. It is time to make the burrito now! Once you’ve rolled it entirely, take the opening end of the duvet cover and pull it right side out, and around to cover the roll. Then lock the buttons. 
  5. The last step is to unroll the burrito! Having the matched closure tightened, gently unroll the covered duvet. As you make your way, keep levelling and shaking have a proper balance of the cover. Once unrolled, give the cover and the duvet a final shake to fluff it up.