If you are leaving your old house and shifting to a new one then there are some checklists that you should do before shifting to a new house. From planning to decide the right movers and packers, everything should be done before moving.

Shifting your house is something that is super challenging and it becomes even more difficult when you are doing it for the first time. But you don’t need to worry or panic anymore. Do read it and get your solutions!!!!!!

Plan your move & make a checklist

The first thing that you need to do is make a proper plan with a checklist of almost everything that you need to do. It should be from the current time, till you shift to your new house. This checklist will put a stop to any trouble to happen and will be a great help in a successful relocation.

Inform the landlord

If you live in a rented house, then you can’t miss informing your house owner at least a few months prior to the date of leaving. This will be helpful for both of you and your landlord. Your landlord will get the time to find a new tenant for the house and his income will not be hampered, whereas you will get your security deposit on time.

Inform your service providers

You should inform your maid, milkman, babysitter, newspaper, etc. in advance. If you will do so then they will get time to find another house for giving service. Especially the maid as they are the ones who make our lives easy, it’s our major responsibility to think about them. You should inform the newspaper agency as well so that they can manage your subscription and clear your dues.

Clear all the dues

Before shifting your house, you should clear all the dues pending in the old location. When you live at a place for a long period then people around you trust you and you make payment once at the end or beginning of the month. Dues can be kids’ tuition, electricity bills, water bills, etc. So, before moving, clear all kind of due payments.

Collect school transfer documents of children

This is indeed one of the major things that you can’t afford to skip. Without the old documents and transfer certificate, none of the schools will give your children admission. Collecting them will help them in the admission of your children.

Stop online shopping 10 days before shifting

As your address is going to change, so just for the safe side to you should give a pause to the online shopping. If you want to shop then do provide your new address and the delivery date of when you will be available there.

Collect packing material beforehand   

There are various packing materials that are required while house shifting services in Bangalore. From cardboards to bubble wraps and tapes, there are various items that are needed to be collected. If you will do it in advance then you can avoid this last-time hassle and rush.

Packers and movers

When you are talking about packing and shifting the stuff of your house, it’s always best to hire a packers and movers company. The workers are highly professionals and they know the best way to relocate things without any damage. Selecting the right packers and movers is a tough task indeed.

Before selecting any company, just ask your friends and relatives, there are chances that they might know any trustable company. Apart from it, you can also check online and check the ratings and reviews.

Then select as per your preference for quotations. In order to curate some of the best packers and movers you can also talk with their past customers, then you will get the exact idea about which company is best for you.

Prepare a budget

Panning the budget ahead will help you to organize thi8ngts in a better way. From choosing movers and packers to other kinds of stuff, there should be a budget for everything. Try to go according to your budget only which will not stress your pocket in any manner.

Also, you will get the exact idea of the expenses and you can arrange it early. But once it’s a last-minute thing then you might fall into trouble. This will protect you from any unnecessary debt or money flow.

Donate goods

There are so many things in the house that we don’t use and are just kept useless. Instead of carrying it to the new place donate them to the one who actually needs them. By doing this you will get a combo of benefits.

Firstly you will bring a smile to someone’s face as waste for one can be luxury for another. Secondly, it saves your moving cost, so it’s neither a loss rather again. Thirdly, you will earn blessings that are precious of all. So donate the stuff those are not important.


These were some quick tips to make your move easy. Do follow them for a wonderful shifting. Good luck!!!!