When it comes to selling a probate home, there are many factors that come into play. From the time it takes for probate to be finalized to the best time of year to sell, there are many considerations. Sellers must know what they’re up against before making any decisions. This article will provide you with some great ways to sell your probate home.

What is probate?

Probate sale is when a person dies intestate, without having provided a will. If you’re not the recipient of the estate, you are not considered an owner. Since you are not the owner, you do not have the ability to receive payments or sell the property until the estate is finalized and you are appointed the legal owner of the property.

The timeframe to sell can vary depending on many factors. Sellers must be careful to know their own deadlines as they consider selling their home. Most probate sellers will sell their property in an auction, with one or two buyers competing to purchase the property. Others are able to sell their property with the help of a real estate agent.

What to Expect from Probate

Probate is when a property passes into the hands of the government. What this means is that the deceased person’s estate has left a certain amount of money to certain people. These people can decide who to leave it to.

In most cases, the estate attorney involved will deal with selling the home. The attorney will try to get the best price for the estate in whatever they are able to sell it for. Of course, the biggest factor is getting the highest bid for the house.


Usually, probate sales are completed via a real estate appraisal. This way, the property is checked and found to be in pristine condition. Any damages are also noted, so the seller can be reimbursed for any costs in fixing the problem.

The Best Time of Year to Sell a Probate Home

If you want to sell a probate home, then you want to find out the best time to do so. The best time to sell a probate home is in the summer months. Why? Well, that’s when people are looking to move out of their homes and are on the lookout for properties. This is the perfect time of year to sell your home. In the fall, you may find that the market is slightly more active.

Probate, as we mentioned earlier, will be finalized in the spring. Sellers are to look into listing in April or May so that the court will rule in their favor. There is no real need to list the home in the spring. In fact, it’s not always a good idea. When selling a probate home, you can consider listing it in the summer. It will sell faster and for more money.

Selling a Probate Home as an Owner or Agent

Probate homes are always managed by an owner who has the primary responsibility of handling the paperwork and making sure the home is listed on the market for the best possible price. A home like this can be expensive to maintain. On the flip side, if you’re looking to manage the paperwork on your own, you can take the work off the current owner’s plate.

When it comes to this type of buyer, it’s a good idea to connect them with a local buyer’s agent. They can not only represent you but will also act as a sales support for you throughout the entire process.

You may be able to do some of the paperwork on your own, but you will likely want an attorney to be a part of the process.


There are several ways to sell a probate home successfully. This article has provided some great ways to sell a probate home, including some great options for where to put your house. Find what works best for your situation.