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Trending Cake Ideas Of 2023

Strawberry cakes have been a favorite among sweets since time immemorial. Recently, baking with this delicious berry has become more popular and has given rise to various innovative cake ideas. 

Layered cakes with decorative accents, intricate 3-D structures, and delightful combinations of flavors are all part of the story. Here, find inspiring ideas to bake the newest and most delicious strawberry cake creations for any event.

Types of Strawberry cakes

1. Heart Shaped Strawberry Cake

Heart-shaped strawberry cakes possess a unique look that stands out with their special shape. This type of cake is created by using either a Bundt or a heart-shaped cake pan. For the batter, pound cake or white cake mix are commonly used while the decoration includes either strawberry glaze or buttercream frosting. 

To enhance its flavor, a filling of strawberry sauce or mousse made from either fresh or frozen strawberries combined with sugar is added inside. All these things together make the cake an impressive sweet-tart dessert.

A topping of freshly sliced strawberries can give a festive feel to the cake. It can also be enhanced with different types of icing, chocolate drizzles, and mini chocolate morsels. Such a cake is ideal for serving on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, bridal parties, or anniversaries.

2. Eggless Strawberry Cupcakes

Strawberry cupcakes are scrumptious and bring a great deal of joy. It can be difficult, however, for those with dietary sensitivities or food allergies to partake in this delightful treat. Luckily, egg-free recipes are available, and enjoy just the same. 

The dough for this dessert is created with wheat flour, crystalline sugar, butter substitute, baking powder, cow milk, and softened butter.

For giving the cupcakes the required lift, some people opt to use egg replacement options such as applesauce, ground flaxseed, or mashed banana. To give a bright and fruity taste, many people add fresh or frozen strawberries to the batter and then mix it sufficiently. 

As a topping, some folks put creamy icing made from strawberry puree on top of the cupcakes. To get even sweeter, cupcakes can also be inverted and dipped into a strawberry glaze coating.

Freshly sliced strawberries are the perfect finishing touch, ensuring that eggless strawberry cupcakes are always delightful. Whether you’re treating yourself to an after-dinner treat, hosting a brunch, or simply snacking, these cupcakes will always leave you feeling satisfied.

3. Sugar-Free Strawberry Fondant Cakes

For people who are conscious about their diet, sugar-free fondant cakes are an ideal choice. This type of cake preparation is made with a regular cake mix but using ingredients with low sugar content like non-calorie gelatin and low sugar cool whip topping. This cake gives the joy of eating a rich strawberry cake without the stress of any added sugar.

Fresh strawberries and flavored ingredients are combined to deliver a tasty result. The dry mix itself is free of sugar, and a layer of fondant crafted with agave nectar or stevia is used to complete the cake. 

To add a festive element, people have the option to apply sprinkles or custom designs atop the fondant. Those conscious of their sugar intake can still satisfy their sweet tooth with these guilt-free cakes.

4. Personalized Photo Strawberry Cake

Personalized photo strawberry cakes provide a unique way to make any celebration much more extraordinary. Generally, these cakes are prepared using a pound cake mix or white cake mix. On top of that, the decorator adds a highly visible red-colored strawberry frosting and further adornment with fresh or frozen strawberries.

The Cake is usually accompanied by a filling of delicate strawberry mousse or a smooth and creamy strawberry glaze. Then, an icing of white fondant is adorned on the already-cooled cake. Lastly, a special picture of the person or the specific occasion is added as decoration on the upper surface of the cake.

The Personalised photo strawberry cake makes any special occasion an unforgettable one. Before the photo is placed on the cake, it is printed as an edible image, and the edges are smoothed to blend perfectly on the cake. It can be used to celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other grand event.

5. Strawberry Cheesecakes

Strawberry Cheesecakes are a delectable delight that would surely tantalize any palate. It typically consists of your usual cheesecake base and is topped off with a velvety, sweet strawberry mousse. 

This mousse is made with a blend of either fresh or frozen strawberries, a sprinkling of sugar, a pinch of pectin, and a squirt of lemon juice. Some of us like to mix it up by swirling the mixture into the cheesecake batter before baking. While others prefer to place the topping once the cake has cooled down and set.

A Strawberry Cheesecake is indeed an appealing dessert to serve at events and special occasions, particularly baby and bridal showers. It is typically adorned with freshly-cut strawberries on top and enhanced with a generous pour of velvety chocolate sauce. For an added playful sprinkle of sweetness, why not throw in some crumbled graham crackers?

6. Strawberry Jar Cakes

Strawberry jar cakes are a distinctive way to present a delicious sweet dish. , a traditional cake mix is made into small mason jars and finished with a blend of strawberry mousse and jam. It’s a delightful way to enjoy dessert!

To add more sweetness, a white chocolate ganache layer is often integrated. To put the finishing touch, the jars are normally decorated with a ribbon and fresh, sliced strawberries.

Strawberries make a great choice if you want to show someone how much you care. Jar cakes can be customized according to the occasion or the person you are gifting them to. 

They are great for birthdays, anniversaries, and even as just a special surprise. You can play around with the ingredients and make them as unique as you like. And of course, there’s always the strawberry cheesecake, which never fails to make a sweet gesture.


As we approached the conclusion of this subject, it is evinced that strawberry cake online has been increasingly favored as an exceptional delicacy online. People can find a range of classic recipes to original spins to make they can pick from. 

This is a great way for those who like experimenting in the kitchen – there are creative strawberry cake ideas they can have fun with. No matter if you are a novice or a professional chef; there is something everyone can do with these sugary and scrumptious cakes.