In most cases, a car owner can easily detect a malfunction in the diesel injectors. However, if the diesel car owner did not have experience owning such a car, he may face challenges immediately recognizing the breakdown and may need help from a car service centre in Pune. The first step is to start by paying attention to the operation of the engine.

At the initial stages, there is no visible sign of breakage. On the contrary, the vehicle starts to run better than usual. Yes, we haven’t made a reservation now. This is precisely how it is. The fact is that because of faulty injectors, more fuel can easily pass through the combustion chamber than is needed. Because of the rich mixture, the vehicle starts to run better.

If this window is missed, then a smooth ride will slowly turn into a more significant breakdown. After some time, you will notice that the car starts to smoke while starting, the idle speed becomes unstable, and the revs begin to float.

Fuel consumption increases significantly at the most advanced stages, and the vehicle begins to smoke while driving or by pressing the accelerator pedal sharply. Slowly, as the injector pours fuel, it begins to fall through the rings into the oil. Such a thing can cause a rise in engine oil and its deterioration. Moreover, this can already lead to severe repairs using an online car service in Pune.

Why do injectors on a diesel engine fail?

Diesel injectors come out faster than on petrol engines. This is because these engines have diverse operating principles. However, in both cases, the fault is low-quality fuel or an untimely fuel filter replacement. If the car gets services on time, then the fuel injectors should work without repair and replacement for at least 150,000 km. If you are a regular user of high-quality fuel, then the fuel injectors should travel 200-300 thousand km.

However, as a rule, the fuel is not of the highest quality, and the filters are rarely replaced. Therefore, injectors in modern diesel engines hardly nurture 150 thousand km. Then, with time, they get dirty and start to dose the fuel incorrectly. To resolve this issue, you will need to clean them from dirt and deposits mechanically. It is better not to postpone such a procedure, but entrust the work to people who understand this.

Possible malfunctions 

The most usual reason for breakage of the nozzle is a violation of the tightness of the seating of the needle in the nozzle sleeves. If its value is slightly reduced, a vast quantity of fuel flows through the new gap. There are different ways to find fuel leaks: .

  • Find information indicating what sort of pressure should be in the nozzle while opening the needle;
  • Check the nozzle on a unique test bench;
  • Create a known high pressure on the nozzle;
  • Measure the time, after which the pressure will drop from the recommended 50 atmospheres.

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