Cardboard is often overlooked because it can be more than just a way to ship your makeup product. They can also be used as creatives or as gift boxes. You should also have a cardboard-made custom makeup box even if you sell retail fragile cosmetic products. To stand out from the big competition, you need to have a solid box for fragile makeup item packaging. One of the most important decisions for any company is how its products are packaged. This solution determines not only price and appearance, but also how quickly employees can install it. The three main types of cardboard are corrugated cardboard, solid fiber (MDF), and chipboard. As you can imagine, they all have different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to designing custom boxes. Which product you use depends on your budget constraints as well as the type of product you want to pack.

Always Select Right Size Packaging Boxes for Makeup Items

You need to consider the size of each item you want to pack. This is important because it determines what type of box you will need and how much packing material (ribbon, air cushion) you will need. The standard width of corrugated cardboard is 14 inches. This can include items with dimensions of 12 x 12 or smaller. However, if your product is larger than 12″ by 12″, it may not be suitable. It also depends on larger boxes passing through automated lines such as airport conveyor belts for international shipments, as manufacturers often require custom sizes for their makeup packaging boxes. If your makeup item exceeds this size, you can use MDF panels. These are panels in custom sizes available in various thicknesses. They can be cut to the size you want. They are also great for heavier products as they don’t break as easily as a box under pressure.

Selecting Innovative Design and Shape

This is the most important step in designing your cardboard-made custom makeup boxes. You want to choose a shape and design that reflects your brand identity and makes people remember you. It’s easy to just talk about standard rectangular boxes. But when it comes to more complex shapes like cylinders or ovals, make sure they match what you’re selling. A great example is how Amazon designs its cardboard gift boxes for customers who buy a lot from them: with these uniquely shaped boxes (which are also reusable), Amazon is showing shoppers that their gifts shouldn’t just be dark brown paper. bag. They can be beautifully wrapped in something to match the product.

Decorate Custom Packaging Boxes for Grabbing Customer Attention

Even if you don’t sell anything related to Halloween, Christmas, or any other holiday, there’s no reason not to make your box festive. Whether you put a special ribbon on the top of the box or even cut out a design inside, think about how to decorate it to make it look more attractive before putting things in it.

Use Recyclable Cardboard Made Packaging Boxes

For example, suppose your company is constantly using cardboard boxes for shipping and extra boxes are lying around because nothing can fit inside. Recycle these used boxes by painting the surface, then use a marker or sticker to turn them into works of art. You don’t have to be limited to one design – use different colors and styles in several squares to create a unique look. Cardboard-made custom lipstick boxes are great for carrying heavy items. But they are not the healthiest thing in the world and are often torn or bent by the constant back and forth motion. Custom cardboard makeup packaging boxes can be made by reinforcing all the seams with masking tape so they don’t come off easily. They also work well when you use double-sided tape to secure the paper together instead of folding it into a square. This technique is not cheap. You probably already have some spare paper at home. This gives it more strength than just plain old corrugated cardboard.

Create Extra Layers in Custom Packaging Boxes for Boosting Strength

Adding an extra layer to your box will make it more durable, secure and stable. This cardboard-made makeup packaging box consists of about ten or eleven different pieces of corrugated cardboard, all of which are glued together for strength reasons. Adding another layer adds incredible thickness, which means if something falls on the box. Thanks to this added security, the inside is safe. By choosing a custom box over a regular box, you can get a much larger size than you would normally get with traditional packaging options. That may seem negative at first, because who wants more space? But think about how many items you currently have in your home that could easily fit into that larger box.

Wrapping Up

Hanging cardboard-made custom makeup boxes is a great way to showcase your products and make it easier for customers to take them home. If you need help designing a custom box, professional packaging companies have the information you need. The packaging company offers free templates that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign and help with all questions related to the design and manufacture of these custom packaging boxes.