Do you know that being overweight can cause injuries to your feet and ankle? Many people overlook the importance of the lower extremities of their bodies, hardly realizing the fact that the foot and ankle carry bodyweight for the whole day. Again, some people are not aware of the fact that some of their habits often cause foot and ankle injuries. Now, the question is, what are these habits, and how can they affect the health of your feet?

Selin Sakarcan – An expert speaks

Selin Sakarcan is a podiatrist who deals with the surgery of the feet and ankles. She comes from a Turkish-American home and loves the Turkish culture and language. Her intense in languages deepened in school after she learned French. She later adopted it as her major in college with neuroscience, with her distinction being in molecular and cellular neuroscience.

She is currently working to create a non-profit named Back on My Feet in Connecticut. She is a marathon runner, passionate athlete and loves to indulge in many sports.

The need for you to reduce weight for good mobility and health

Being overweight and obese has more implications than the disease. Too much bodyweight actually affects the arch of your feet that you need to maintain to counter the force from your whole body. Extra weight creates pressure on the lower part of your body, and it has to work harder to support you. If you control your weight, you will place less pressure on your feet on its arch. The pressure causes inflammation to the feet, tendons, and plantar fascia, which makes walking painful. You will feel the pain more in the morning when you take your first steps.

Reduce the risks of diabetes foot and gout

If you have too much body weight, you run the risks of having diabetes feet, which again is a health issue that is challenging for most people to tackle. Gout is another grave problem that occurs when crystals of uric acid develop in the feet. You should keep a healthy weight as this will prevent issues and complications of diabetes, like the reduced flow of blood to the feet and legs. It will also prevent the compression of nerves.

According to Selin Sakarcan, being overweight also causes a lot of injuries to the ankle and foot, especially if you have arthritis. You are at a big risk because you place added pressure on your foot at every step. If you maintain a healthy weight, you will reduce this risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis and ankle osteoarthritis as it will stop the damage to your joints and lower body cartilages.

Make sure you control and check your weight. You can lose weight with simple exercises and dieting at home if you are obese. Once you start shedding the calories, your foot and ankle health will improve, but your whole body will witness a positive change too! In case you experience any sort of problems in the feet or ankles, you immediately should consult a good podiatrist for a check-up.