School is referred to as the second home of students—it’s where they gain knowledge about the world and make memories and connections that last a lifetime.

In the same way that parents aspire to provide their children with the best, schools must also ensure their students get the finest of what they can offer. CenturyPly assists schools in this endeavor. With top-quality plywood, CenturyPly enables schools to provide students the comfort of home within the walls of their institution.

Why choose CenturyPly?

Of the 10 hours that students spend in school, more than half is spent sitting on their desks. It is the sacred place where they receive their education, and it’s pivotal for these sanctums to provide them with the utmost comfort, so they can focus on their learning.

However, comfort isn’t all. School desks and benches are highly susceptible to damage. They are required to bear the brunt of ink marks, food stains, water spillage and a million chafes and scratches every day. Therefore, it’s crucial for them to not just be comfortable, but also highly durable—and this is where CenturyPly comes into play.

The wide array of plywood offered by CenturyPly guarantees comfort and durability at affordable prices. Not just that, our plywood also comes equipped with a myriad of desirable features including:

  • Protection against bacteria, microbes, and viruses
  • Guaranteed authenticity
  • Additional strength
  • Protection from termite and borer
  • Resistance to boiling water
  • Fire-retardant

CenturyPly products

CenturyPly is available in a variety of types:

  1. MR Grade plywood

This type of plywood is resistant to moisture and protects from borers and termites. Its optimal strength and durability, appended by highly affordable prices make it perfect for use in schools. This type of plywood is also water-resistant which can be an added advantage in school furniture which are prone to food and water spillage.

  1. BWP Grade Plywood

This type of plywood is immune to boiling water, which amplifies its durability. Since schools can always benefit from having every layer of protection possible, this is a good choice for school furniture. Due to its increased longevity, it’s slightly more expensive than MR Grade Plywood. It’s also safe from borer and termites and comes with a warranty ranging from 8 years to a lifetime.  

CenturyPly Architect Ply

This is a premium quality plywood with antiviral, fire retardant, and BWP properties which ensure sturdiness. Since it comes from the range of ‘Luxury’ products, it also ensures 100% comfort. Even though it’s slightly higher in price than other plywood, its top-notch features make it worth the money and highly suitable for use in schools.

CenturyPly Club Prime

This is the only plywood to have passed each of the 25 tests of the Bureau of Indian Standards. It’s 65% stronger than other plywood and its Strength and Shapes Retention properties guarantee excellent capacity to withstand heavy hold. It’s also antiviral and fire-retardant, which makes it the best quality plywood for schools.

The quality of the products is what gives CenturyPly #1 standing in India, as the company aims to expand its venture to not just commercial organizations, but also educational institutes so that the future of the country receives the best of the best.