When we are constructing the furniture in our homes, it is essential to use good quality material for construction. However, the hosts are often confused about the kind of material that is best fit for different sections of the house. Usually, when we are building the furniture and shelves for the kitchens and the cabinets for the washroom, it is essential to use material resistant to water treatment. The bathroom is the part of the house where you constantly require the need for water usage that leaves the space moist and wet.

Similarly, the kitchen furniture also needs to be made with boiling water proof plywood, which restores the cabinet and shelves for a long time.  Here are some of the benefits of opting for boiling water proof plywood for the interior construction of houses.

Why should you be using waterproof plywood for making furniture at home?

Useful for constructing in the kitchen and bathroom-

Manufacturers design the plywood in India with excellence which renders the substances with the strength to last for many years. You can easily go for the waterproof plywood for constructing cabinets and furniture in the bathroom and kitchen. These are the house places that are subjected to the maximum amount of water tasks every day. The water might damage the shelves from washing to cleaning when you place the wet utensils on the racks.

Similarly, in the bathroom, where there is a shower and bathing spot, the furniture in the space might likely get degraded because of constant exposure to moisture in the air and direct water coming in contact with the base of the cabinets and shelves. As a result, the constructors are asking the clients to go for the safer option like the water-resistant plywood, which procures no damage even when exposed to continuous water treatment. Outside humidity and moisture in the ambiance are not able to penetrate the layers of the planks, which are constructed with special chemicals.

Resistant against the attack of the insects-

This kind of plywood planks are made from timber, which is effective against the insects and termites that grow on the wood’s surface during the wetter times of the year. The plywood is tested in the factories before being released to the market to assess its quality and performance. It is observed that the boiling water proof plywood can also prevent the growth of termites and borers on its surface of wooden furniture. The buyers have observed that it is the best construction material when moisture and insects are concerned.

Sainik 710: The best plywood for resisting moisture

Sainik 710, is one of the best boiling water proof plywood in the Indian market. This plywood by CenturyPly, has gained popularity among the customers due to its reliability and affordability. The best thing about this plywood is that the price of Sainik 710 is the same across the country. Whether you buy this plywood in Kashmir or in Kanyakumari, the price will be exactly the same. These plywood are also chemically treated and are Borer and Termite Proof. It is also bend proof and hence, longevity of this plywood is great.  

The Bottom Line

Waterproof plywood is an excellent invention and has helped the construction market greatly. The quality of the timber and the prolonged performance of the same is appreciated among the buyers who are impressed with the utility of the plywood products in their residence.