Student property has been a pretty popular domain of investment for several decades now.  Students today have also become increasingly demanding in regards to the quality of accommodation. A good number of private investors today face competition from both operators and developers of purpose-built student accommodation blocks. Student housing properties have guaranteed demand year in year out, especially if one invests in the right location. Properties developed by companies like Nelson Partners especially located smartly.

Student housing is a crucial part of student life in any college or university. There would always be hundreds or even thousands of students who need a good place to stay, wherever there is an institution for higher learning. With enrollments in these institutions increasing every year, choosing to invest in student housing properties to rent out to college students can be a pretty profitable venture.

Here are a few advantages of opting to invest in student housing:

  • Marketability: Collage towns are usually pretty vibrant communities. They feature a variety of cafes, restaurants, malls, art galleries and have great provisions for nightlife as well. Moreover, they tend to have high walkability scores as well.  As a result, you will not have to spend much money or time on marketing your college town properties as the neighborhood often simply sells itself. 
  • A large pool of renters: Each and every year, there would be a new group of students trying to find accommodation near a college. There shall also be new staff members moving into town. This essentially implies that there would always be a broad pool of renters available for the student housing investment.
  • Cash flow: As there is always a commendably high demand for student housing rental properties, landlords can continually charge standard market rates, enjoy the cash flow and have a good occupancy rate.
  • Low vacancy rates: Most student rental properties have low vacancy rates. Even during the summer months when the college is close, there are many students who stick back to take summer classes, continue working or avail access to university resources.
  • Fully managed: Student housing properties offered by companies like Nelson Partners are usually fully managed. These companies have their own staff who are responsible for running the whole site.  Their tasks would include managing the whole tenant lifecycle, as well as maintaining both rooms and communal areas of the building.

When it comes to investing in student housing properties, opting for Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) shall be among the smartest moves. While these properties can be a bit expensive for prospective students, the onsite facilities and inclusive agreement is a huge attraction. Wi-Fi and amenities are included the rent of these units itself. PBSA properties are located in smartly selected neighborhoods, and feature facilities like meeting rooms, social areas, cinema rooms, cafes, libraries and so on.  They even have 24/7 security and an efficient maintenance service.