A bag is one of the most important parts of any outfit. Bags are a must-have accessory for you regardless of whether or not you consider style and fashion important. Here are some of the most amazing tips on choosing the perfect bag for yourself. Read on—

  • Don’t buy a handbag without trying it out—

You should not let your first instincts or emotional reactions influence practical and wise decision making. It is vital to see how the bag fits you. Everybody is different. Each person’s body has its own unique characteristics. Try the bag on at the shop. Then, take it home and try it out with a couple of outfits. You can hold the bag in one hand and look at its details. Think—How will it look? What will it be worn with? And how will you feel with this bag in your hand? Don’t just check the bag from outside, open it and check the inside. After all, it’s not just the looks, the functionality of the bag also matters a lot. However, if you are looking for women handbags online, then it might not be possible for you to try it out before buying. But then, you can order a product of your choice, and then return it if you feel it doesn’t meet your requirements.

  • Choose a quality material according to your taste—

The material you choose for your bag should be based on your preferences and taste. Some people love leather and others prefer textile, while yet others prefer both. Choose a material that looks trendy and is durable. It’s not just the material, the size of the bag is also important. It is just as important to choose the right sized bag as the appropriate sized dress or trousers. You can look less attractive if your bag’s size is not right. A well-matched bag will flatter your silhouette and enhance your style.

If you are shorter than 5.5 inches, you should not buy handbags that are too big. Also, micro-bags should be avoided if the person is too tall. Now, the question is— How to decide how large a bag you need? Well, take out everything from your old bag. Your stuff probably includes your house keys, a wallet, your mobile phone, a perfume and a pack of snacks. Consider what is most important to your needs. It is based on your needs that you should decide how large your bag should be. It’s best if the bag has an internal pocket for documents, makeup, or phone. 

  • Choose a shape that complements your body and not matches it—

The right bag model for you is more important than the size. You can follow a simple rule: select a shape opposite to your body shape. For those who are short and tall, round or square/wide bags will work well. You may prefer to choose rectangular forms if you have small or full-figured features (size medium to large). When it comes to choosing bag shapes, contrast ensures aesthetics.

  • Is the bag comfortable to carry?

It is important to test the bag on your own before you buy. Take the time to look at it, assessing its comfort level. Consider how you use your pockets, both inside and outside. Go for bags that have internal pockets. Such pockets help have everything organized inside the bag. You should also check how heavy or light the bag is, how soft it feels on your skin and the length of the piece. You should not buy the bag if it isn’t what you want or doesn’t feel right to you.

  • Choose a bag that highlights your qualities and not the flaws—

Remember, the bag must highlight those parts of the body close to it. A shoulder bag with belt emphasizes the waist. So, if you have a large waistline, it would be better to avoid such bags.

Particularly for formal occasions, consider carrying a clutch with you. If you have large wrists or unattractive fingers, broken nails, or other issues, it would be a good idea to avoid clutch bags. Instead, choose the shoulder bag.

A “Crossbody” style bag with a diagonal belt that runs across the chest will not be suitable for you if your breast size is abnormally large or small as compared to your body.

  • Is your bag reliable—

The main purpose of a bag, in fact, is to carry stuff. It is important that the bag is both stylish and trendy, as well as reliable. Before you buy a bag, ask yourself what you intend to carry in it. If your answer is “PC, books, and magazines”, you can choose a big bag. But a bag that is too large could be an invitation to unpleasant situations.

  • Don’t do impulsive shopping—

Although you may fall in love instantly with a bag, it’s wise not to do impulsive shopping. Yes, it’s almost impossible to control your temptation to buy a bag when it catches your attention, regardless of how expensive it is. But expensive bags only give you short-term pleasure, you can’t feel the pleasure of buying it every time you carry it with you. If you can afford such bags, then go ahead and grab one. But don’t invest a month’s salary buying a bag. Understand what you can afford and what you can’t.

  • It’s important that your bag matches your style—

Choose a colour that can communicate your personality to the world outside. Also, consider matching the colour of the bag with your clothes. Analyse in percentage how often this bag can be worn and with what clothes. It would be wise to go with neutral and common colours such as beige, grey, blue, red, and/or yellow. It should also complement your style.

Bag buying is a complicated process. You should do your research on your style and personal preferences. You should remember that a handbag’s main purpose is to help you organize the essential items you need when you are out. Brands today often combine functionality with beauty. So, it’s not hard to find the perfect bag according to your needs. Be a smart shopper, make a practical decision, and get for yourself one of the best handbags for women available out there.