When it comes to changing your look and opting for a more glamorous image that makes us look flawless all the time, eyelash extensions are an excellent idea.

However, nothing is forever and after a couple of months it is normal that the glue that holds them together begins to weaken, causing them to fall and our appearance to look a bit neglected also use grandlash md.

If for some reason you can’t make it to the salon to have them removed or you just want to try it yourself, we have a method that you will love.

Next, we will show you a technique with which you can achieve it easily and with products from your daily beauty routine.
How to remove eyelash extensions
What do you need
Make-up remover
Castor oil
Swabs (cotton swabs)
Cotton pads
Micellar water
Essential oil (optional)


  1. Soak a cotton pad with makeup remover and remove all makeup from your lashes and around your eyes. Do it very carefully, otherwise you can make your natural lashes weak and fall out.
  2. In a pot, pour a liter of water and bring to a boil over medium heat for 10 minutes. Once it is boiling, pour the liquid into a container and add a few drops of essential oil to make it a little more pleasant.
  3. When the water is ready, it will be time for the steam bath; bring your face close to the container and cover your head with a towel (the point where the steam does not escape and fall directly on your face).
  4. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the glue to start to soften and to be easier to remove. Once the time has passed, get away from the container and dry your face with a clean towel, remember not to touch your eyes.
  5. To completely remove the glue, you need to moisten a cotton ball with castor oil and gently massage around the eye and on the lashes.
  6. If the lashes are not easily detachable, you can use an oily swab to remove them one by one.
  7. To finish with this simple treatment, you should wash your face with micellar water or a cleanser that helps you remove excess oil. Rinse your dermis with warm water and voila, your lashes are free of extensions.
    In addition to being super practical, this treatment will not damage your natural lashes and will keep your eyes as they were before the extensions.

Finally, if you want your eyelashes to grow naturally and strengthen after extensions, we suggest you make a mask made with natural ingredients that will give you the look you want so much.

Give this method a try and say goodbye to eyelash extensions. You’re going to love it!