Among other areas and rooms in the house, the most used space is the kitchen. It requires attention throughout the day, and meals have to be prepared all day long, so, the maintenance and beauty of kitchen space is an important part of house interior decisions.

Considering the trend, more preference is given to glossy laminates, while some tend to have confusion about which one is a better choice. Although everyone’s preferences and tastes are different, and we are not in a place to decide which one is better, there are a few pros and cons that can be weighed to narrow down your choices.

Matte finish

Matte finish cabinets are a big hit, and people love it. It is a classic for someone with a cosier vibe.

Glossy laminates for the kitchen are easier to clean. Still, they expose scratches very clearly, so matte finish laminates are perfect for someone having kids or anyone trying to hide the imperfections and not wanting to change the laminates for a long time.

Matte finishes are perfect for someone who likes to go for a more vintage and comfortable home because the textures look real, there is no extra brightness, everything gives a more natural feeling, and hues can be chosen to be dim. Still, as nowadays, all colours are in popularity, you could totally go for brighter shades.

Matte finish laminates tend to absorb light, so the space might look smaller and more suffocated if used in an already small room of the house.

Cleaning a matte finished laminate can be trouble, though. Because they aren’t smooth and might have texture patterns on them, cleaning the dents could be a task.

A lot of time would be required to get the dust out of them, making it very troublesome. Also, because they are more delicate, and water will touch their surface, everything you clean, their rigidity will not remain the same.
They get affected by water, touch and sunlight, so the quality deteriorates with time and is not as long-lasting.

Glossy finish

Glossy finish laminates for the kitchen are highly trending and have been for a long time now and haven’t lost their popularity.

They have a longer life because exposure to sunlight, dust and touch does not have any effect on them, and their quality remains the same throughout.

They give the house a more glamorous and luxurious vibe and are perfect for someone trying to go for a more modernized look.

They have a bright finish, so the brightness makes the space look larger than it already is.
Cleaning glossy laminates are easier because they have a smooth texture, and dents are absent. You just need to wipe with a microfiber cloth and make sure to do it at regular intervals, and they’re as good as new!

But, they are prone to easily show scratches and marks, and getting rid of those isn’t possible.

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