The word ‘advertisement’ evokes mixed responses from most viewers. About 65 to 90% of the online audience are very likely to skip online advertisements. You might have done it as well, haven’t you? We agree advertisements can be boring, interruptive, and quite an annoyance. But, how about if they are interesting or eye-catching? You might have come across a certain advertisement at one point which grabbed your attention instantly. Interesting and strategic advertisement placements can hook the audience’s attention while simultaneously bringing greater exposure to the company.

Digital marketing is a growing field that uses digital channels to reach a larger audience. Digital marketing techniques are different from traditional marketing techniques but not quite unrelated. Confused? Let us break it down for you:

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing:

All reports on the Global Internet Usage suggest that 60% of the global population is on the internet. About 6 in every 10 people have internet access and use it actively. So, it is safe to say the new world is online now. Digital marketing uses the growing internet reliance and tactfully delivers fresh creative marketing solutions that will hook your attention.

Digital Marketing has an edge over the Traditional Marketing technique as it covers the major channels that we visit daily, including social media, search engines, video streaming, websites, and much more. In addition, Digital Marketing can even target specific audience groups interested in a particular thing, which Traditional Marketing fails to do. Traditional Marketing finds its relevance in targeting a large heterogeneous pool of local audiences. However, Digital Marketing shows a greater advantage of customisation, which can lead to great effectiveness of the advertisement.

Leading Digital Marketing Channels and Techniques:

Digital Marketing Channels are the mediums through which you can reach out to your audience. There are several mediums, including highly popular social media, search engines, and video streaming platforms.

  • Social Media: Advertisement placements and product endorsement via social media are very effective. Did you know that about 57% of the global population uses at least one social media platform? This means that anything on social media will be seen by at least half of the global population. Moreover, Social Media marketing and advertisements are inexpensive compared to Traditional Marketing techniques, including newspaper advertisements.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimisation: The SEO Marketing technique is highly effective as it involves careful planning and strategizing. SEO Marketing technique targets the search engines and aims to increase the click rate and generate high organic website traffic. SEO is crucial as the internet is an infinite pool of websites and links. Due to the SEO strategy, the visibility of your website among searches can be increased.
  • Youth Marketing: Youth Marketing is a highly strategically planned technique that involves targeting the 11 to 35 years age group. Youth Marketing is a highly proactive and dynamic approach. The youth of the society are among the biggest consumers and hold a great influence over the consumer behaviour of other age groups. Therefore, Youth Marketing has become an integral technique in Digital Marketing.
  • Influencer Marketing: Many leading agencies offer this service among other Digital Marketing Services. Youth Marketing and Influencer Marketing show a strong link as Influencer Marketing affects consumer behaviour of the youth. Influencer Marketing is a viable option as with the rise of Social Media, a new group of social influencers has emerged. Social Media influencers gain a highly loyal viewer and follower base as they regularly interact with their audience. Young people tend to closely follow influencer trends and keep track of what these social influencers are using.

Say Yes to Digital Marketing:

There are numerous reasons to say yes to Digital Marketing apart from just simply following the trend.

  • Digital Marketing is the thing of the present and convenient.
  • Digital Marketing bridges the communication gap between you and the consumers as you can evaluate their feedback.
  • Digital Marketing can reach out to specific groups that are more likely to be a consumer. This selective technique improves the efficiency of resource usage.

The Digital Marketing team of any Digital Marketing Agency will evaluate your needs and requirements and provide you with customised planning.