If you invest your earnings in nationalized banks, posts, insurance companies or any government schemes, then you can earn fixed rate of interest. You can safely invest in government schemes or nationalized banks as the interest rates do not fluctuate. But, they cannot earn higher return within a shorter period of time. If they invest in mutual funds or any other institution offering higher rate of return, then they can earn higher return within a shorter time, but may experience huge amount of loss also. These schemes are ideal for risk-bearers. You can also invest in new scheme known as small case scheme. Although, the interest rates are governed by the market factors, you can manage your own portfolio. But, if you invest in mutual funds or other schemes, the brokers manage the schemes. You can invest in diversified schemes if you choose small case. You can choose the best smallcases for long term as this scheme is ideal for the investors who are seeking long-term gains. 

Investing in small case scheme

You should open your account in zerodha by entering your ID and your account is operated within a short time. Then, you can invest in lump sum or SIP and the amount is transferred to your demat account. You can invest in diversified schemes in smallcase like the mutual funds. You can choose the best schemes based upon your objective. If you are investing in mutual funds, the brokers or managers manage your portfolio based upon their research. But, as an investor of smallcase, you should perform research and select the best schemes. You are the owner of your own stocks. The researchers perform some tasks such as studying and analyzing the macro-economical aspects and building business models. They recommend the best schemes to the investors and the investors can choose the best schemes based upon the information provided to them.  The investors can choose the best smallcase for long term that is profitable for a long period. 

The investors can add schemes of smallcases that are favorable to them depending upon the market conditions. The schemes or stocks that are not favorable currently can be removed and only the best smallcases stocks are retained.  The policy for entrance and exit is simple. They can exit from the scheme anytime. But in mutual funds, they cannot exit unless the period is over. It is a low risk scheme and is ideal for the beginners. The stocks that are picked are the liquid schemes in the market. The investors do not incur expenses every now and then. The investors should just pay nominal fees for performing first transaction. The investors can also get tax-free dividends. 

But, the investor should pay brokerage charges and taxes for rebalancing. The previous charts that are shown to the investors reveal only the stocks that are chosen, but they do not reveal the taxes and brokerage charges paid by the investor.

The investors should actively access and modify the portfolios everytime as the brokers or other managers do not provide these services.  The investors should choose the best smallcases stocks that are favorable to them based upon their own research.

This scheme is ideal for the investors who are knowledgeable about economics and market factors.