Instagram is one of the apps that the internet accuses of consuming large amounts of data. Loading the images, IGTVs and stories that are shared on a regular basis takes more data than you may imagine. Instagram videos preload, allowing you to watch them right away while also consuming data at the same time.

What Does It Mean To Be Instagrammable?

Whether it’s brunch, business, or the beach, we’re all wondering – is it Instagrammable? Instagram has expanded tremendously over the years and continues to do so. The photo-sharing app has evolved from being popular among tourists exchanging vacation photos to now attracting a wide range of influencers, advertisers, and corporations. It’s safe to assume that your target audience, as well as your competitors, are utilising Instagram at this time. However, keeping up with Instagram trends (and, did we mention, algorithm changes?) can be difficult at times. While your target customers may be skimming through their phone feeds right now, marketers should consider how and why they should be on Instagram.

So, let’s get started with the top 10 Instagram statistics for 2021, which will shed some light on Instagram’s growing importance for your organisation. Our Instagram course will teach you how to create an Instagram account from the ground up, provide your followers with relevant material, and generate revenue.

1. How Many People Use Instagram?

In 2021, Instagram is expected to have 1.074 billion users worldwide (eMarketer, 2020). This is a significant achievement for the photo-sharing platform. This is 73.5 million more than in 2020, when the number of users surpassed one billion for the first time. Experts had predicted that this milestone will be reached in 2024. In addition, Instagram’s user base is expected to grow by 22.9 percent in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic, which prompted users to join up for Instagram, is credited with a large portion of this tremendous surge, according to analysts. Instagram is a social media platform that lets users share and edit images and videos. Instagram, which was once mostly used by teenagers and young millennials, continues to develop as one of the most popular social media sites, and evidence suggests that this will not change anytime soon. If you’re unsure whether or not your company should invest time and money on Instagram, the sheer volume of users should give you a clue. To assist you grasp the numerous aspects of the platform, our team has developed a guide to setting up an Instagram shop.

2. Instagram Hashtags Usage

Since Twitter pioneered the notion of using hashtags to tag and identify topics on social media in 2007, its use has grown, and it is now considered a necessary component of social media. Instagram is no exception to this rule. The use of hashtags on Instagram is popular and extensive, ranging from businesses and Instagram influencers to the regular Joe. This is so prevalent that according to the most recent Instagram statistics, an average Instagram post contains up to 10.7 hashtags. However, if you’re planning to use hashtags to try to reach new users and expand your audience, reconsider.

According to studies, the more Instagram hashtags you use, the less likely you are to get noticed. In fact, using six or more hashtags reduces engagement, so stick to five or fewer. If you want to be more strategic, you should know that the most popular Instagram hashtag, #love, has been used over two million times. While your post may give your viewers a warm fuzzy feeling, it may be drowned out by the two million other posts with the same hashtag. For perspective, the next four most popular Instagram hashtags are #photography, #instagood, #fashion, and #art.

3. Time People Spend on Instagram Daily on Average

The amount of time individuals spend on Instagram is important since the more time they spend on the platform, the more adverts they will view and the greater chances they will notice your company.

4. Businesses Using Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic tool for social media marketing for businesses. Not only is there a wide market, but you can also reach an interested audience without investing a lot of money. With these eye-catching Instagram post ideas, we’ve got you covered if you’re seeking for suggestions and ideas for how your brand may advertise on Instagram.


Instagram has proven to be a great marketing tool for businesses trying to increase their visibility and reach over time. We hope that these Instagram statistics have helped you understand why your business (if you own one) should invest in Instagram and given you some ideas about what to do next.