Gem Hospital and IVF Centre Bathinda, Punjab, We all wish for something which we utterly desire or want in our life. One of being parents. But, sometimes the way we hope this journey to go is not possible and we start having problems. No doubt, the problem of infertility is becoming common and the patients visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab to get the best treatment plan to boost their chances of conception. With that said, the Test tube baby cost in India is fairly less as compared to the developed nations.

Infertility is a state which affects both man and woman reproductive health. Although, we can get a sigh of relief due to the advanced treatment options like IVF which improves the pregnancy chances for many couples.

How does IVF treatment work?

IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization) is one of those treatment plans which has an increased success rate of over 60% and this is not possible with any other treatment.

  • Initially, the woman is given medications which allow the ovaries to produce more eggs as compared to earlier. In medical terms, this method is known as ovulation induction.
  • Once the egg count is enough, the doctor will prepare you for egg retrieval. During this minimal procedure, around 8 to 15 healthy eggs are retrieved. The doctor will do this procedure with utmost care and precision so that the best quality eggs are taken out which will improve the pregnancy success rate.
  • Following that fertilization happens, where egg and sperm are kept together in a controlled environment which results in fertilization. In case, there is a problem with sperm movement, count, or any other aspect then IVF/ICSI is suggested by the fertility doctor.

During ICSI, the best quality sperm is selected and then injected into the egg directly. The rest of the procedure is the same as IVF.

  • Once fertilization is done, the embryo is formed. The best choice for the embryo transfer is to wait till the time it reaches the blastocyst stage. At this point the embryo is healthy and it contains all those properties which will increase the conception chances.
  • Then the embryo transfer is done on the 3rd or 5th day of the blastocysts stage. The embryo is attached to the lining which increases the pregnancy chances. In most cases, only one embryo is transferred back to the reproductive tract because more than one can increase the chances of twin pregnancy. It is better that you discuss with the doctor beforehand about, ‘How many embryos are transferred during IVF?’

What to do while undergoing the IVF cycle?

Stress, anxiety, nervousness, and all sorts of emotions are expected to occur during IVF. It’s important that you keep a positive mindset and only then the IVF journey will go easier for you. Here are some tips which will help you to put your mind at ease while getting the IVF treatment:

  • Make sure that you are not stressed at your workplace
  • Do exercise which helps for mental stress to go away
  • Eat healthy, nutritious, and fresh food
  • Better that you prepare the schedule to ease out your treatment journey